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How were the serbians involved in the start of ww1?


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A Serbian, Gavrilo Princip killed Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Go to Wikipedia and see ''Gavrilo Princip'' and his group

''Mlada Bosna''


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No side. Serbia was not involved.

who were the leaders involved in WW1 who were the leaders involved in WW1

Germany was involved in World War I right from the start- in summer 1914.

When Austria threatened Serbia after Serbians killed the Austrian archduke, Russia stepped in to aid Serbia.

The Serbians wanted freedom from Austria Hungary. Some Serbians assassinated the Austrian Arch Duke. Austria Hungary tried to punish Serbia but Russia intervened.

Austria-Hungary invaded Serbia at the outset of WW1 after Serbia refused to turn over Gavrilo Princip and his conspirators, claiming they (Serbians) should hold their trial.

USA got involved in WW1 because they had promised to stick my Austria-Hungary in case of war.

No, Serbians are white people

A Serbian terrorist group called The Black Handassassinated the Austrio- Hungarian archduke on one of his tours to an area of the empire. The Serbians believed this territory was rightfully theirs and were willing to start a war over it. As soon as the archduke and his pregnant wife were killed, Austrio- Hungary attacked the Serbians. Germany did not start the war. They were allied with Serbia, they joined in after Austrio- Hungary retalliated against Serbia.

the arch duke of austro Hungary franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Serbia. the serbians arrested the assasin. austro Hungary asked Serbia to deport him, the serbians refused, so, austo Hungary invaded Serbia and then another country got involved then another and so on until it finished up a world war.

there where 6 nations involved in WW1

Almost all countries were involved in WW1 . But everything started with the assassination on Franz Ferdinand. The assassin was Gavrilo Princip, member of Organization "Mlada Bosna". We can say that at the start the WW1 was between Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Austro-Hungarian Empire, but later, as I said in the first sentence, almost whole world was involved in WW1.I hope I helped you.Pardon my french :)

the serbians assingnatted the bosnian presiedent which started the war for 4 years.

there are 12 main countries that were involved in World War 1.

American joined WW1 in 1917, they were involved

They were part of the Central Powers

because they were friends with the british

people who died in ww1 and charitys

Japan was heavily involved in WW1 and was asked for help several times by the British - Japan emerged from WW1 victorious and in control of more territory According to my husband, the history buff, Japan was not involved in WW1.

India got invovled when Britain got involved, seeing as it was Britain's colony.

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AnswerSerbians are generally Christians. It is the Bosnians who are majority Muslim.

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