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How were the women in the slave trade treated?


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Apart from having to work hard for somebody else, with punishment waiting if their masters felt like it, they were also subject to sexual abuse.


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They weren't. A slave was a slave and seen as property.

um if they were a slave they were treated very badly or if the master had feeling for the slave he or she will take the slave to bed specail kev

Unfortunately, the slave trade of black women and black people in general was devastating to slave families. Most often, families were separated, and black women never saw their families again.

In West African cultures slaves were treated like people, while in the Atlantic slave trade they were treated like property.

The lives of men, woman, and slave were different because the man is treated better then the woman but the woman is treated better then the slave. The slave is treated with respect but considered low class.

There is no positive side to slavery. A person is considered property when they are a slave and treated like property.

badly they were whipped and punished if they disobeyed.

because he did not like the way the slaves were treated

Unlike the other Greek cities where they were treated as chattels, the females of Spartan families participated in sport, religious activity and social life. Slave women were treated as slaves.

they were contently attacked for opposing the slave trade or the encomienda system

Korean men were press-ganged into slave labor and the women were forced into becoming "Comfort Women" . The Koreans were not treated very well .

yes, for cooking, picking, plowing etc.

slave trade was abolished in?

What are the causes of slave trade?"

they were taken through conquest and sold into slave trade where they were treated harshly, they weren't given any rights and were forced to work for no pay.

Both were considered property. At least a slave had the possibility of buying himself from his master to become free, women did not have this open to them.

the slave trade was abolished in 1807.

Who stopped the slave tradethe slave trade sropped in America. And then abollished in England and Pakistan. I think

After the trans-Atlantic slave trade was declared illegal and later eliminated, it was replaced by legitimate trade (non-slave trade).

Slaves in Africa were often treated more like family members.

Some slaved would have enjoyed being treated as a well treated slave. However, most people would not want to be treated as a slave at all, because they were still treated less than human.

african slave trade was a horrible time

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