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AnswerBefore women had the right to vote, basically all they did was be perfect housewives. They worked on the families economic production also. Women were treated as property of men. Men had no respect for the women especially African American. African American women were raped, beaten, and tortured a great distance more than white females. Although, white females did go through the same struggle.
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Q: How were women treated in history?
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How were women treated before Innocent III?

Women, throughout history and into present day, have always been erroneously treated as subservient and inferior to men.

How were women slaves treated?

The women were treated badly and harshly.

How were Celtic women treated?

women had rights and were generally treated with respect.

What was the condition of women in Vietnam history?

Women, in Vietnamese history, were treated well. During the medieval time, women were not allowed to go to school, but this later changed, as today, Vietnamese women has full right as men. During the 20th and 21st century, a lot of women were elected as government officials with high ranking.

How were women treated by the Nazis?

women were treated terribly, they were treated like cattle, told they were only good to be used for breeding.

How were women treated in mesopotamia?

They were treated 잘

How was life like for colonial women?

Women were treated like property they were not treated equely

How were women treated in the film Romeo and Juliet?

the women in this film were treated as slaves/ servant.

How were women treated in colonial Delaware?

they were treated unfairly they were treated unfairly

Islam-how are women that practice the religon treated?

Islamically, women should be treated with respect. Most Muslims respect women.

How were women and slaves treated in Sparta?

Women and slaves were treated unfairly because they were not allowed to be citizens,vote, and did not have any rights.there were no slaves in Sparta, and the women were treated with dignity.

How were women treated in a Nazi concentration camp?

The women were treated as badly as the men in concentration camps.

Napoleon's civil code treated women?

it treated women as less than equal to men.

How are pregnant women with GBS in their urine treated?

Pregnant women with GBS in their urine are treated with penicillin.

Should men and women be treated equally?

Yes, men and women should be treated fairly. Girls should be treated fairly as boys are.

How are the women are treated in Iliad and odyssey?

They were treated fine

Why are women not treated as fair as men?

In history of the U.K and U.S, women were not treated as fairly as men because government didn't believe that women were as powerful as men. Have you ever wondered why women weren't allowed to vote in the late 1800's and early 1900's? Well, in a brief answer, cowards of government practically bullied women into believing that they were a race of uselessness. Emmeline Pankhurst, who was the first woman to actually digest this horrible exhibition because she believed that women should be treated like men.

How where the women treated in Zimbabwe?


How are women treated in Afghanistan?

women were treated horrible!They have to wear clothes head to toe and have to be with a man when outside!

How long are pregnant women treated with antibiotics for listeriosis?

Usually, pregnant women are treated for two weeks.

How women were treated in the 1800s and 1900s?


According to the Supreme Court how should men and women be treated?

Men and women are to be treated exactly the same in all cases.

How were women treated in 1590?

they were treated like loosers with no life

What changed peoples minds about the way women were treated in the medieval times?

Women were treated as they always had been through out history and that was as second class citizens. They had no rights, they couldn't inherit, and many were abused. It is only in modern times that women have really seen a time of growth and freedom. Never before have women been able to attain as much as they have in the last 20 years.

How were European women treated in the seventh century?

European women were treated very poorly in the seventh century. They were property.