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Witchcraft was not a common activity for women in the late Middle Ages.

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Q: Which was not a common activity for women in the late Middle Ages?
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What was China like in the middle ages?

The government form in China in the middle ages was Dynasties. They were NOT successful.

What role did women play under feudalism?

Women managed their families and raised their children, as they always have. They also worked, doing nearly all the things men did, with surprisingly few exceptions. They were prevented from being monarchs in some countries, but even there, they were very often among the most powerful people in the country. Eleanor of Aquitaine, for example, was arguably nearly as powerful as King Louis VII, to whom she was married at one time, and who was otherwise her feudal lord. There is a link below to a related question on what women did in the Middle Ages, and there are a number of source links there.

What time period in Europe was when life was uncomplicated and quite hard?

Well I had this on a test and the choices was A) 18th Century B) 20th Century or C) Middle Ages..................... It is Middle Ages because life was more difficult in the 18th century in Europe.. Hope that helped you out and awnser your questions With love and success, Alisha <3

Does the age of exploration count as the middle ages?

The Age of Exploration was mostly or entirely after the Middle Ages. The two can be regarded as overlapping to some extent, though some people might use dates for the Middle Ages that would have the time not overlap with the Age of Exploration at all. The date used for the beginning of the Age of Discovery is usually 1418, when the Portuguese began to map the coasts they came to. The age lasted until the early 17th century. Different historians use different dates for the Middle Ages. The most common date is probably 1453, but people in different countries tend to use different dates. English people are likely to use 1485, Italians often use 1401, Spanish people are likely to use 1516, and the date of Columbus' first voyage, 1492, is used by many people. So a person might hold the view that the first 90 years out of the two hundred or more of the Age of Exploration were part of the Middle Ages. Or the person might decide that the Age of Exploration started a few years after the Middle Ages ended.

The Renaissance which lasted from the 1300s to the 1500s was a period of?

1450-1600 middle AGES

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What was not a common role for women middle ages?

There were many uncommon roles for women during the Middle Ages. They include, but are not limited to:PriestsMonarchsSoldiersKnightsScholarsMillersSummonersPardonersParsonsSquiresFriarsReevesLawyersClerksMerchantsPhysiciansYeomenManciplesFranklinsSailorsMonks

Which activity was most important in the middle ages?

Sex, murder, and farming are all equally important in the middle ages

Did a women travel in Middle Ages?

Some did, many did not.

During the Middle Ages noblewomen had?

During the middle ages noble women had no opportunity no learn how to read and write.

Where did woman worship in the middle ages and renaissance?

During the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe women worshipped in churches.

How were peasant women educated in the Middle Ages?

they weren't.

Were the women in the middle ages nurses and housekeppers?

In the middle ages, some women were nurses and housekeepers, and many were not. For more, please use the link below to a related question.

What activity helped transform life in Italy the late middle ages?

It was trade

What were the duties of the woman in the Middle Ages?

Some duties that women had back in the middle ages where things like cooking and cleaning.Makeing weapons.

What did women in the middle ages put on to remind them to be pure?

fuick you

What did nobel men and women wear in the middle ages?


Did women sing in church during the middle ages?