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One needs an adapter for VGA to Scart in order to be able to watch things on their computer through their TV. Being able to watch programs that you normally watch on your computer through the TV makes the colors brighter and the line definitions more pronounced, in other words, you get a better picture quality.

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A liquid display crystal monitor is also known as a crt monitor

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Q: How will an adapter make VGA to Scart easier?
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does the Optoma Technol SCART to VGA and S Video Adapter work for VCRs?

It does, but only if the VCR has S-Video and VGA inputs.

How do I convert a VGA signal to RCA?

You will have to get a VGA and RCA cable. You can connect the VGA cable from your laptop to a VGA/RCA adapter, and the RCA from the adapter to the projector.

Where can one purchase a SCART to VGA cable?

A SCART to VGA cable can be purchased in the United Kingdom at most electronics stores. Or one could check out the UK version of Amazon, which should have them on sale.

Will the Sony KLH40X1 accept my VGA cable or will I need an adapter?

Yes it will accept any VGA cables that are basic VGA form without using an adapter.

Which DVI adapter can I plug in to my monitor's VGA port?

You need a DVI-A Male to HD15 VGA Female Video Adapter.

Where can I buy a video VGA adapter online?

There are many online shops that sell video VGA adapter. is one of online shop that sells video VGA adapter with any kind of models. You can visit

What VGA stands for?

Video Graphics Adapter

What does VGA stand for?

Video Graphics Adapter

Which VGA adapter can I use to hook up S-Video?

A PTC VGA to S-Video/RCA (Composite) Adapter Cable is what you need.

Can you use an HDMI adapter with a VGA cable?

There are multiple converters and cables that are compatible with both HDMI and VGA, which is some sort of an adapter to an adapter. I do not know how well these products work together.

How can you convert HDMI to vga?

You can go online or to any electronic store to buy a hdmi to vga cable. This is a cable that has the hdmi adapter on one end and the vga adapter on the other end. This way you can convert a hdmi device into a vga device.

Are there any HDMI adapters for the Dreamcast?

Not explicitly. The dreamcast did support VGA output through an optional adapter, and by interfacing that adapter with an additional VGA to HDMI adapter, HDMI-compatible output can be achieved.

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