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There are many online shops that sell video VGA adapter. is one of online shop that sells video VGA adapter with any kind of models. You can visit

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Q: Where can I buy a video VGA adapter online?
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Where can I buy a video VGA adapter?

You can buy a video VGA adapter online on for a variety of different quality and prices. They are many adapters with affordable prices.

Does the video card have DVI?

Some video cards do, and some video cards don't. You can buy a vga -> dvi adapter, though.

How can you convert HDMI to vga?

You can go online or to any electronic store to buy a hdmi to vga cable. This is a cable that has the hdmi adapter on one end and the vga adapter on the other end. This way you can convert a hdmi device into a vga device.

How can you attach an iPad to a TV to watch something?

Buy the component video, VGA or HDMI dock adapter for the iPad.

Where is it possible to obtain a VGA to DVI adapter?

One can obtain a VGA to DVI adapter from a variety of retailers that sell electronics. These stores include Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, Newegg and the online retailer Amazon.

How do you connect vga monitor to Mac Pro dvi port?

You can buy a DVI to VGA adapter.

Where can you play PS2 online?

you have to buy a online adapter

Can you buy a wireless adapter at best buy?

yes by the video games.

How do you connect the laptop to the tv?

Look on the side or the back of your machine for a SVIDEO out port. If it the SVIDEO out cable that connects to your TV's or projector's RCA-in. You can also buy what is called a VGA adapter. This is a much better device as it is a multi-port device and it plugs into your VGA port of your machine...normally blue in color where you connect a monitor to) on the side or back of machine. The VGA adapter connects VGA-in and RCA-out to TV or projector. Both these items are available. SVIDEO cable selling for R135 VGA Adapter selling for R800 Prices above is in South African Rand: Order:

How do you connect my PC to tv?

If you find where your monitor is connected to the tower and unplug the cable connecting it you will see the port the cable was connected to most likely it is DVI or a VGA cable check on you tv for an identical port most new TVs have them if it doesn't you will need to buy a VGA or DVI to composite video (red white yellow cable) adapter make sure you get a vga adapter if you have a vga port or a dvi adapter if it's a dvi port. If your tv does have a vga or dvi port on it you can take the video cable off your monitor and plug one end in the tv and one in the tower then you need audio you can take the cable with the green ends of the back of your monitor and put it in the port on your tv that says either audio in or aux. If its not brand new just a couple of years or if it's a new tv it might have an s-video port (circular black port about the size of a dime) and if your computer also has it you can get an s-video cable buy one if you don't have one and connect it that way connecting the audio the same as if you used a vga cable.

Why is AGP VGA better than Onboard VGA?

1. If the onboard VGA fails, you buy a new motherboard, but if the AGP video card fails you buy a new video card. 2. You can select any video features you want to pay for if you use the AGP video card, but you're stuck with whatever your motherboard has if you use the onboard card. 3. Onboard video cards are typically quite basic. 4. It must be faster and better than onboard vga.

Where can one purchase a VGA extender?

One can purchase a VGA extender online or in stores. For online, one can purchase them at Amazon or eBay. For in stores, one can purchase them at Best Buy.

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