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Gas cars will be with us for a long time. As fuel prices continue to rise,(and they will) electric, bio diesel, hybrids, E85 vehicles,and propane, will be improved and refined to the point of offering a viable alternative to gasoline. When this happens ,we will see some stabilizing of fuel prices due to supply and demand,but however, gasoline vehicles, because of their range, convieneance, power, and developed infrastructure will be with us for some time to come.

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Q: How will the production of cars that only work on electricity affect the production of gas cars in the future?
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How will production of electric cars affect production of gasoline cars in the future?

Electric car's are constantly getting better. A lot of them are already more efficent then gasoline vehicles. As battery technology and public awareness of electric cars increase so will the production of electric vehicles causing a decrease in production of gasoline vehicles.

What are three ways cars might be powered in the future?

Electricity, gas and cooking oil

How did oil production affect the American Economy?

The production of oil helped make cars and air travel more advanced.

What was the Production Budget for Cars?

The Production Budget for Cars was $70,000,000.

What is electricity for cars called?


What fuel will cars run on in the future?

Many alternative fuels, and there can also be air-powered cars, hydrogen powered cars, electric cars, and many more. The best part about using air, hydrogen, and electricity to power cars is that it produces 0 carbon emissions.

What was the Production Budget for Cars 2?

The Production Budget for Cars 2 was $200,000,000.

What is future invention?

most future events have already happend . such as chargable cars.some future events are water operated cars,urine operated electricity,and even hollogram transmitters. Thanks for asking.

Do electric cars give out carbon emissions?

No but they need to be charged and the production of electricity uses a lot, most is made from burning coal.

Can electricity be used to run cars?

yes electricity can be used in cars & vehicles

How are solar cars different from gas cars?

solar cars get energy from the sun and transfur it in to electricity gas cars burn gas to make electricity

What do the future cars mostly run on?

It is the Future, no one really knows. The current research trends say, Hydrogen or electricity. Since gasoline engines probably won't be able to meet increasingly tighter emission regulations in the future.

What was the Production Budget for Riding in Cars with Boys?

The Production Budget for Riding in Cars with Boys was $47,000,000.

Is there electricity in cars and why do the car need it?

For quite alot of things actually, for example if there was no electricity you couldn't start your car as you need the current to be passed along the circuit to the ignition and START in the form of relay switches. Also, if your car has a clock or maybe a temperature dial - that uses electricity. Without electricity, cars, just wouldn't be cars. And, then there are hybrid cars where almost everything is powered by electricity. So all cars need electricity, be it for a CD player or a radio to even the headlights. Cars MUST have electricity

How do you think technology will affect lives in the future?

yes they will be like cars that will fly in space a major change in the economy and etc

How does geothermal energy affect transportation?

Geothermal energy produces clean renewable electricity which can run electric cars, buses and trains.

How would the conversion of all cars going electric affect the carbon cycle?

It could not be done, the world can not produce that much electricity.

What are the cars called that run on electricity?

Do you mean the Tesla cars?

What are examples of joint supply?

joint supply is when the production of one good also results in the production of another. an example of this would be steel and cars. if there is more production of steel, there can be a greater production of cars, as steel is used in the manufacturing of cars.

Which energy sources seem most likely to be used in future cars?

Solar, electrical, or hydrogen powered cars are most likely to be cars of the future.

Any sweet future cars?

there is going to be cool sweet future cars but there working very hard to make the cars work and to be safe on the road

What production is when cars are built by automated machines?

Flow production

What will cars be like in the future?

Some articles suggest that cars will probably be fueled by nonpolluting fuels such as solar, electricity or even water. There are also some articles about the development of the flying car. The other is safety. It is likely that future cars will be able to prevent some accidents by assessing the distance to an obstacle and taking evasive action without prompting from the driver.

How can the number of cars on the road be reduced?

engineers have improved the efficency of cars by designing better engines and tires . another way to save energy is to use public transit system and carpool . in the future ,cars that run on electricity may provide the most energy savings of all.

Do electric cars have a future?

Yes! They have a huge future ahead of them