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How will you know that the turtles are laying eggs?

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it will start laying down more offten.

t will hapen


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What life process is laying eggs part of for turtles?

Laying eggs is part of the reproductive process.

Do in hurt turtles when they laying there eggs?

Yes .

Can turtles make babies?

Turtles reproduce by mating and then laying eggs. The eggs hatch baby turtles, called hatchlings.

Do box turtles return to the nest after laying eggs?

No turtles don't sit on eggs. They usually bury them .

How do sea turtles reproduce their young?

by laying eggs

How do you know when turtles are laying eggs?

They'll be in the same spot for a while and dig a burrow. Good Luck

How do turtles hatch their eggs?

The Turtles hatch their eggs by laying eggs in the sand. After 2 - 4 weeks the eggs hatched and they crawl themselves to the sea.

Do turtles go back to the eggs?

No. They abandon them as they are too tired after laying eggs.

How old do yellow belly turtles when they start layimg eggs?

Its Turtles. and Laying. But about -200 =]

Do turtles go in a trance while laying eggs?


What do turtles do in the summer time?

They dig nests for laying eggs!

Do turtles go underground while laying eggs?

Turtles lay their eggs underground [after digging a hole] they don't go underground with them.

Do turtles die after laying their eggs?

No, they continue to live a full lifespan.

Do some turtles bear live young instead of laying eggs?


How do you come to know that a fish is laying eggs?

When your female fish is laying eggs the weather will be hot and the eggs will be red.

How are sea turtles different from freshwater turtles?

1. Sea turtles are larger 2. Their diets are different 3. Their habitats are different 4. Survival rate 5. Eggs 6. Laying of the eggs 7.Endangerment

Are sea turtles born alive or eggs?

its eggs, (i really know its eggs)

Do mother box turtles return to the nest after laying her eggs?

No, she cares less about the babies. She will even eat them when they hatch. That is why we separate baby turtles from adult turtles...even before they are born.

What is the process of turtles laying eggs?

the processing of a turtle having eggs is so when a mom and dad have something done they sune have a baby so that's what a turtles processing is and so we have good creters in America

How can you know the girl is laying eggs?

she will look constapated

Do turtles eat there own eggs?

I have just witnessed a red striped turtle in our pond laying 4 eggs. She hid two of her eggs and the remaining two she destroyed. I don't know why and have been trying to find out. if anyone knows please post

How deep do box turtles lay there eggs?

The female box turtle will dig about 5 inches into the ground before laying her 1.5 inch eggs.

List egg laying reptiles?

There are many egg laying reptiles. This includes snakes, turtles and many others. Egg laying reptiles only lay their eggs during certain times of the year.

How do you check if your chicken is still laying eggs?

if you only have bacon for your breakfast then you know your chickens are not laying anymore

How can help clean a sea turtles environment?

Well you cant clean a sea turtles environment because sometimes you can scare it when it is laying its eggs and it will never return to the beach sorry.