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It makes you who you are.

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How would life be today if DNA had not been discovered?

There would not be genetic codes for human survival

DNA as the molecule of life?

if you mean is DNA the molicue of life? than i would have to say yes it is i creates who you are and stuff like that

What would happen if DNA didn't duplicate?

If DNA did not duplicate, cells would not be able to divide. There would be no growth and therefore no continuity of life

Why DNA is double helix?

It is because if DNA would be single stranded it will not be stable.Different DNAs can damage it and the life will collaspe.

How is DNA important in daily life?

DNA in daily life is a weird question to ask. The way you are today and the way you look,talk,walk,speak,run,swim,read,learn,eat etc etc are due to DNA (Deoxyribo nucleic acid). DNA from you parents gives you all the features you have today. That means your existence in human form and all the body parts are at right place due to DNA. So you can write anything you like and that will relate to DNA somehow.

What would happen to a cell if its DNA were removed?

If the DNA was removed then the cell would not be able to give out its life activities then die.answered byNeil NNANDO

What kind of science is DNA?

DNA is in Life Science. Obviously its dealing with life.

Do crabs have DNA?

All life has DNA.

What two vital processes of living things made possible by DNA replication?

Life would not be possible without DNA replication because every process is encoded in DNA

Does DNA contain all the instructions necessary to life?

yes it does because without DNA your body would not be able 2 function properly

Which processes contributes directly to genetic variation?

DNA Replication

What does salt do in extrating DNA?

Salt provides the DNA with a favorable environment; it contributes positively charged atoms that neutralize the normal negative charge of DNA.

Why are cells important to the human body?

Cells are the basic unit of life, without them life would not exist. The hold the DNA.

Does DNA have a shelf life?

Yes, DNA does have a shelf life. It has a shelf life of about four years if it is properly preserved.

Why is DNA necessary to life?

DNA provides the instructions that determine the structure and function of an organism. DNA is often called the blueprint of life.

DNA controls the life of a cell because DNA?

DNA controls protein synthesis.

What is the difference between DNA and chromatin?

DNA is the blueprint of life. Chromatin is the uncoiled DNA

What does DNA has to do with life?

You're cells are made up of DNA.

What is a real life example of a DNA?

what is a real example of DNA

Do all DNA descend from DNA in the earliest forms of life?

Yes. Our DNA has been passed on and changed/modified since the earliest forms of life.

What varies in DNA to form different life forms?

DNA contains the genes which determine what the life form will be.

Who gives you more DNA your mother or father?

Mitochondrial DNA comes solely from the mother. Mom contributes more than dad.

How would the DNA of a human compare to the DNA of a duck?

DNA is DNA it can not be changed.

How does DNA relate to crime investigation?

DNA has been called the fingerprints of today. DNA records are kept of people arrested today in most areas in the US. A Federal database is used to maintain this. In combination with DNA obtained at a crime scene, the DNA database or DNA testing of a suspect provides proof of a connection as a part of the investigation.

Why DNA unifies life?

All life (living organisms) on the planet Earth contain DNA. It is in fact one of the defining characteristics of life.