How would I find the best professional hip hop dance teacher?

Finding a Dance Instructor

The best place to start is by asking friends and family members for a referral. If that doesn't create some possibilities, you can try doing a search on the Internet or check your local Yellow Pages. As a last resort, place a small ad in your local classifieds. This will allow you to interview potential candidates and you might have the opportunity to take private lessons. "Shop" around and always ask for referrals before making a choice.

Well there is no "best" hip hop dance teacher because everyone is equally just as good but it depends on what specific type of hip hop style that teacher can offer. I agree with the comment above and say you should go to the internet which is also the best place but also find fellow hip hop dancers who you think are good and ask who teaches them. Just ask around and there are some studios where you can watch teachers teach their class for free to see if you like the their style.

You could go to a local dance studio and ask for hip-hop