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How would a 135 pound 15 year old make herself look overall smaller thighs calves somatch arms?


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Aerobic exercise, (tae-bo, DDR, jumping rope, there are lots of videos/DVD's, fast paced walking, ect.) Combined with weight lifting, and a sensible diet. Don't overdo the exercise when you start out to avoid injury. There are a lot of websites, just do a search for weight lossand you can find a lot of cool sites. Also look up weight loss of Web MD, it has a lot of safe info.


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Calves get smaller by not getting fed as much and then being kept in small cages where they cannot move around. This makes them loose weight. Hope it helps!

More than most muscle groups, the size of your calves is genetically determined. It is very difficult to increase the size of your calves; it can only be done with a lot of work. The only way to make them smaller would be not to use them, which is impossible unless you stay in bed. However, you can make them look smaller or more proportional by increase the size of your upper legs. .

There are a lot of ways. If you are over weight then you will have to lose fat all over your body and in general everything will get smaller. I do not recommend it but if you are skinny then stop working out your calves. Your calves may be large because you are healthy and have muscle mass.

Pre-pointe is basically the strengthening of the calves, toes, feet, and overall body in preparation for pointe work.

Calves that are dark red. These can be Saler calves, Red Poll calves, or a commerical mix-bred calf.

An elliptical machine primarily targets the calves and quads. It is also very good for your heart and overall cardiovascular health.

I think you mean foals not 'horse calves' (calves are most commonly referred to as baby cows). Foals are alike their parents as they are the spitting image of them but smaller and younger. Foals can also stand within hours of being born. This is a skill inherited in the wild when needing to run away from predators.

there are many animals that their young are called calves. there are camel calves, cow calves, and i think orca whale babies are called calves. not sure about the last one. =)

On a farm. He lives near his mother's side wherever his mother is. If orphaned or separated from his mother at a young age (like with most dairy calves), he is raised in a calf barn with other calves where he is fed milk replacer and forage. Smaller farms that adopt orphaned calves will raise them in a corralled area with a a shed, a barn.

Yes calves are mammals.

Bear calves could be referred to those calves that have such thick fluffy hair that they look like little bears with four legs; these are often referred to yak calves, Highland calves, or Galloway calves, all of which are born with thick long hair. The term could be a mis-spelling of "bare calves" which may be those calves that are orphaned and are raised in a bottle or bucket by humans.

My calves burned after my run. Those calves are two months old.

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Calves are offspring of mature cows and bulls.

The calves are the muscles behind your shin

Calves are located in the back of your feet.

Almost. A calf is one young bovine. Calves are many young bovines or "baby cows." Ultimately, calf is singular of calves, and calves is plural of calf.

Heifer calves. When they reach weaning age, the "calf" or "calves" part is dropped and they are simply called heifers. (Heifers become cows after they have one or two calves.)

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Depends on its sex and age. Older calves weigh more than younger or newborn calves; male calves weigh more than female calves.

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