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When exercising go for the marathon approach. Do light but looooooong exercises.

dont push it but go for a long time. if you do calf lifts do lots of reps with no weight

if you do that ^^^^ your calves will be muscular, but kind of long and lean not real big

Running is the best thing to make your calves BIGGER. Participate in a sport that has less impact on the legs but gives a total body workout. Running will only make your calves more bulky, but if you have to continue to do that, stretch your calves alot to enlongate the muscles.

weird but okay? since your looking forward to seeing your calves smaller, you should do it the sexy way hahahah which means more reps and less work. kind of like body builders do it. to be more cut, they do more reps and less weights, to be buff they have less reps but a lot more weights. So the best thing to do is, do your miles jogging! if youre on a treadmill, go on it for an hour or as much as you want, but JOG. !

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Q: Even after running how do you make your calves smaller and not so bulky?
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