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Well in the US the marijuana laws are so hard depending on were you live i have looked at stories were a guy had a noise compliant put on his by someone and when the cops got there they saw a little bud in the table about a dollars worth and you want to know what he got...? Ten years! Marijuana laws are different in every state. It is important to be aware of the subtle differences, this page will provide you with an overview of the current marijuana laws. Buying, selling, using or growing marijuana is illegal in every part of the United States. Penalties vary from place to place, but usually consist of jail time, a fine or both. In some states, you can be arrested for just being in a place where you know drug activity is taking place. The severity of the penalty varies on several factors. go to the "related link" listed below for more info on your state. He will be tried under the juvenile laws of the state of residency. For a first time offense he will likely receive probation and community service, possibly the suspension of his driver license, maybe a fine. It is highly unlikely he will be confined to a juvenile facility unless there are mitigating circumstances. I was caught with weed on me. I live in Ohio and I had 2.5 grams. I am 17 and I was charged with a minor misdemeanour and my punishment was 10 hours of community service. If it is a one time thing it wont be that bad but if they catch you with more then it will be house arrest and probation and if you keep it up you'll do time but if its your first time it will be some small punishment. My friend even got off with paying a small fine. I also have a friend who was caught driving with about an eighth. He was also high, but the cop confiscated his herbs, gave him a $70 ticket, and let him drive home. This was in Colorado. I currently live in California, where I have a medical recommendation and can use marijuana freely with no penalty.

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2009-02-26 23:07:24
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Q: How would a teenager be charged if he is found with a dime of marijuana?
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