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the purpose of government is to preotect its citizens....cmon ppl im 13 nad i know that..

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Q: How would the Founding Fathers have explained the purpose for government in the US?
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What did the Founding Fathers believe was the purpose of government?

To protect life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.

Why did the founding fathers restrict the power of the president in the constitution?

Their purpose was to balance the powers of the three branches of government.

What was the purpose of the liberty bell?

To call the founding fathers to meetings when it rang.

What was the founding fathers main goal of the constitution?

The main purpose of the Constitution was to have some foundation for a central government, instead of the Articles of Confederation, which were rules for a coalition of separate states.

When the founding fathers gathered to sign the documents what was the main purpose?

the signed the bill that cusified jesus.

What was the purpose of government as explained in the declaration of independence?

they wanted freedom

Since the main purpose of the Constitution is to limit the power of national government would the Founding Fathers approve of the Patriot Act?

Yes. One of the few responsibilities that a limited federal government has - and one of the few it should have - is to protect the union (of states) from foreign enemies. That is the purpose of the Patriot Act.

What is the purpose of your Constitution?

The United States Constitution governs the United States. It was created by the Founding Fathers and outlines what rights citizens have.

Why did the founding fathers create the office of vice president?

The purpose of the vice-president is have a seamless transition if something happens to the president. The alternative of having a special election would create a period in which nobody was running the government.

What is the purpose of government according to Plato?

to provide for and protect the public. It is explained in Plato's republic.

What was the author's purpose of the document the Gettysburg Address?

It was to rally the people and to focus their attention on the need to win the war so that the ideals of the founding fathers would be upheld. As Lincoln stated "...That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

What was the first part of the declaration of independence about?

The first of the constitution was called the preamble and was about the purpose of the constitution, the philosiphy of it, and was our founding fathers expected of the U.S. to be in the present and the future.

What did the founding fathers think was the purpose of government and what is the role for citizen in the America republic?

The preamble of the Constitution actually states their thinking on the purpose of government. John Adams also wrote on the purpose of government and he basically stated that it was to make sure the people are happy and that a happy society is the purpose of government. He goes on to say that the government is to make sure people are taken care of in matters of security, health, and liberty. The founding fathers also thought the role of the citizen was important so the government and constitution would work. Washington writes that an educated citizen ensures that a democracy would work correctly because they would understand HOW it should work. Thus, protecting the concept of a free society. When you think about these concepts it is easy to see they had a handle on how the government and the citizenship should work together. In, my opinion, the lack of history and government education is proving Washington correct. When people don't understand how government works they come up with theories that are not logical and in the process end up loosing freedoms.

What was the origin purpose of the US Constitution and what did the early colonists want to protect themselves from?

The founding fathers established the Constitution to do just two things: Establish a federal government for the United States of America Delegate to the federal government certain, limited (and enumerated) powers. they protect themselves from Great Britain

What is the direct object in this sentence Ms Bud explained the purpose?

the purpose. because it describes what is being explained

What is the purpose of cheks and balances?

Checks and balances keep power from being concentrated in one branch of government. The founding fathers were afraid of one group or person becoming too powerful, so they made sure that the branches could all check each other.

What amendment guarantee the right to health care?

There is nothing in the constitution about a right to health care. For over 60 years the discussion about health care has been going on. We have to ask ourselves what the purpose of government is and what we want from it. The founding fathers stated that the job of government is for the common good of the citizens. Not for people to get rich from the poor, not to wage war, but to see to the protection of the people.

What were the Founding Fathers intentions?

The founding fathers intended to protect us from all the previous oppressive governments and societies. Contrary to popular belief they didn't give us a democracy (rule of many over a few), nor did they give is an oligarchy (rule of a few over many) they gave us a Republic (the Rule of law over all) Our supreme law being the Constitution which restrains the two and has certain processes for amending it which aren't easy because of the checks and balances that are instilled in the government. History shows the intent and purpose of our founding fathers. Contemporary logic is wrong whenever it contradicts the clear explanations of those men who wrote the Constitution... what people call a strict interpretation. As long as we keep a strict interpretation we keep our Republic, when we allow a loose interpretation we risk loosing the Republic and veering into oppressive government and/or society. ~DCSS The founding fathers intented the checks and balances system to be a three tiered cross check that gauranteed constant intra and inter oversight.

What are the books to be read to know the origin and development of modern law and purpose of law and onus of the judges?

The United States Comstitution/ what it says, what it means; A HIP POCKET GUIDE By: the FOUNDING FATHERS and JUSTICELEARNING.ORG

What was the purpose of Delawares founding?

land and business

What was the purpose of founding all the colonies?

The main purpose of founding the American Colonies was for the economic benefit and prestige of the mother country, through a system of mercantilism.

What was the Purpose of New York Colony founding?

What was the purpose of the New York colony?

What was the purpose of founding New Hampshire?

business investment

What was the purpose for founding New Jersey?

business investment

DID Locke explained the purpose of government was to protect life liberty and property?

Yes, Locke explained the purpose of government, and natural rights in his civil contract, which he is most famous for. In his civil contract, he explains all men have natural rights (life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness) and also he sets an example for many modern-day documents by explaining how governments should be democracies. Hope this helps!