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It is actually very easy, all you need is confidence. Aside from that you will need one 2-3 ton hydraulic jack (4000 - 6000 lbs.), 2 to 4 adjustable jack stands, again 2-3 ton each. Step 1. Jack up the car and place it on jack stands. One per tire depending on how many you plan on removing. For the front springs, you will need to remove the rim, then remove the shocks, I believe it's one nut on top and two on the bottom. The shock will slide right out the bottom. You will also need to unscrew the castle nut for the outer tie rod, you may need to use a pickle fork or ball joint spreader to disconnect it from the steering spindle. Also remove the sway bar end links from the arms. Also, remove the brakes, but don't remove the spindle. Next, the most dangerous part, BE VERY CAUTIOUS, place the hydrauic jack under The lower A-Arm, jack the arm up about an inch so that the spring compresses. Don't go much more than this as the spring is under a lot of stress, and we just want to ensure the ball joint separates. Next, unscrew the upper and lower spindle castle nuts only a few turns, not All the way, from the ball joints. You may also need a spreader or ball joint remover here as well. Lower the jack about one inch below the lower Arm, that way you can separate the ball joints with a few light taps with a hammer. Once you hear the loud pop, ensure the jack is taking the arm load by raising it up a slightly. slowly, very slowly, very very slowly, lower the hydraulic jack. The lower arm will release from the spindle and the spring will fall right out. As for the rear leafs, jack the rear up, remove the bolts holding the rear of the leafs. Slide the rear differential out, unbolt the front leaf. Unbolt the rear shocks and reverse the order to reassemble. You may want to remove the shocks first as it makes it easier. The shocks mounting bolt is located in the trunk.

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Q: How would you change the coil and leaf springs in a 68 Camaro?
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bad idea- just buy lowering springs. it's alot safer for everyone!

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NOPE THATS THE BEAUTY OF HAVING A CHEVY ..THERE ALL THE SAME YOU WILL HAVE TO CHANGE THE MOTOR AND BODY MOUNTS AND EXHAUST THE COIL SPRINGS MAY NEED THE TWIST IN BLOCKS TO LIFT IT A LITTLE BUT I DOUBT IT Well new coil springs are recommended or thr front end will sag, and depending on the trans you may or may not have to change it

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change front coil spring on 2000 Pontiac grand am

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rear leaf front coil springs

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To disconnect the coil springs on a 1998 Chevy Venture you first need to jack the vehicle up and release as much stress from the springs as possible. You may need to find a spring compressor to release the springs.

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No, it would have coil springs.

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coil springs and independent suspension replaced leaf springs to give a better and smoother ride

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Coil springs in the front, leaf springs in the rear.

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A 2002 Jeep Wrangler has coil springs.

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replacing coil springs, 2002 ford explorer

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Compression coil springs were made to be durable. If this answers your question, then yes, it is compression because of the type of springs it has.

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They are compatible but they had standard or heavy duty available. That would be the only difference. You could measure the thickness of the springs with a micrometer to see if they are a match or not.

Where is the coil on 1995 Camaro?

its on the front there are three

What is the usual procedure to get the rear coil springs put on and how much does a mechanic typically charge?

We are in the middle of having it done to our 2000 Ford Taurus. The dealership gave us an estimate of $365.00 to change rear coil springs only. An independent shop that we trust told us they believe you should also change the rear struts in conjunction with changing the rear coil springs. He is charging us $419.00 to do all (we live in Michigan).

What are the types of springs used in the suspension systems?

Coil springs. Leaf springs. Torsion bar.

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This is a custom suspension modification. Remove springs. Build a 4 or 5 link suspension syst5em including re-enforced shock mounts. Install coil overs.

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You will need the spring compression tools. You may be able to rent these from a variety of auto parts stores. Do not try to do this without the tools; it's dangerous.

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not for the novice. One of the steps involve compressing the coil springs

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Depends on whether you have coil springs or torsion bars.

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either a dead starter or a bad ignition coil would be my guess

How much does it cost to replace or repair coil springs?

First off I'd never recommend repairing coil springs. A junk yard is gonna be your best bet price wise. Should not be very expensive to buy can be a p.i.t.a. to change though.