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This is a very interesting question, and believe it or not, it comes up frequently. I personally think (and I could be totally wrong), that there is no way to describe any color to some one who has been blind from birth. We can also ask, "does a blind person from birth dream, and if so what do they see, if anything." I will be looking in on this question from time to time. I am very interested in what others have to say.


ANSWER Color is also Different for every person, as your irises are different from others. If they have ever seen some color, then you could compare it, otherwise, then you would be just best to compare it to things that have tastes or colors, since how could they imagine it. Here is a good question, what do blind people see in their thoughts? Colors, even People?


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I think it is nearly impossible to describe any color to a blind person, unless they weren't born blind. They might understand the color black because that is all they see.

I presume you mean 'a blind person'. Impossible to describe colours to a person who had been blind from birth.

Well I dont know if you actually know someone who is blind, but, i found this website and im sure it could help answer your question.

Most blind people are satisfied if you just name the color. You can't describe them because color must be seen. However, the blind people that I know do enjoy hearing that something is "red" or "white" or whatever color, because that helps them classify things.

you can't. It would be like asking a numb person to sense temperature.

In my opinion, black is the easiest colour to describe to a blind person. Ask the person what they see? When they answer nothing, that is the colour of black. Dark, unseeable. Or at least that is how I would describe it.

== == A person who is truly blind cannot see color. Therefore, it would mean absolutely nothing. While I myself am not blind, I believe the best way to describe a color to a blind person would be through touch, taste, or smell. For example, I think that the color purple would taste and smell like grape juice.

Most blind people understand the concept of color, so you can say what color the denim is. You should describe everything else that does not involve sight - how it feels, smells, sounds, and maybe even tastes!

In order to describe the color gray to a blind person, it would be beneficial to connect it with one of the other senses. It may described as: the sound of footsteps on concrete, the smell of rain, the smooth texture of stainless steel.

There is no direct way, you could just as easily ask how you could describe what color gamma radiation is.

vibrant, stands out, unique, cheerful, bright,and eye catching

It is creamy like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold day with a dark warmness.

This cannot be done, anymore than you could describe a sound to a person deaf since birth.

That green is the souce of all nature, it is the color that apears in your head when staring at a light, ir is beautiful

Describing Red to a Blind Personclose your eyes and face the sunIf the person was truly blind they would not recognize any change regardless of what they face.orif they want it described say its a warm color and that its a christmasy colorlook im only 13 but that's my opinion

I would describe it as a crayon.

Puppies are born blind and deaf, but they start to see once they open their eyes. There is controversy over whether dogs are color blind or not, but i doubt they would change from color blind to not color blind with age.

It is dominant. Most likely if the female had children then all her sons would be color blind. If she herself was also color blind then all her children would be color blind too.

As far as I know the answer would be ( Yes ) I have a friend who is color blind and neither his parents or brother and sister are color blind

Dogs are normally partially color blind. They see colors, but not as good as people do.

possibly; if the kid was a male; then it will have more chances of being color blind, because the father will transport his genes to the male kid. If the mother is not color blind and the child was a girl she would most likely not be color blind; because the female parent will transport her genes to the female child. Because of genes maybe.

Describing blue to a blind person would be difficult unless they were not born blind. Having no knowledge of what colors look like, or objects for that matter, you could not pose the idea, "blue looks like the sky." or "blue is the color of the ocean." unless the blind person has seen the sky or ocean before. ...But maybe they could understand that blue is the color of raindrops that fall on your skin.

Yes and no. some people are only color blind when certain colors meet for example: if you were black and yellow color blind a bee would only be one of the colors.

you can't predict that. it depends on what sex the offspring is. if it is a female, she could be color blind because her father is, but a male could be color blind either way. because color blindness is carried on the Y chromosome and not the X chromosome.

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