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If you are worried about having a child seat in front, move the seat all the way back. If you mount the child seat correctly, the air bag will not extend far enough to endanger the child if it deploys. It is possible to install a kit to switch it off, but it must be dealer installed and some paperwork filled out and sent in to make it legal. (it is illegal to modify airbags as delivered) Be aware that most dealers will not do this, as they don't want the liability, even though you will sign away your rights on this. Be aware that if you disable airbags and someone is injured because of it, you may be in trouble.


Unless your vehicle has a selectable feature to disable the passengers side air bag, there is no way to disable �Just� that air bag without danger to the whole restraint system.

  • Option 1:

You can disable the whole of the airbag system by simply removing the fuse NOTE: that BOTH air bags will not function if you do this.

  • Option 2:

You can follow the manufacturers instructions for replacing the air bag, but do not remove it, leave it in place (I will not give those instructions as they are dangerous). CAUTION: Doing this is a GREAT RISK to Life, Health, and Safety of anyone in the van. This air bag, if disconnected could be �discharged� (it could go off) from static charges, or lightning strikes, or just from heat changes.

  • Option 3:

(Suggested) Do not mess with it! If you have a child then place them in the back seats.

Air Bag Information: Air Bags are charged explosives! You heard me right, there are small explosive charges that cause them to inflate. During an accident these forces are miniscule when compared to the effect of two (or more) large metal objects colliding: When not in an accident it is like a balloon tied to a 12 gauge shotgun shell, just a few feet from your face. Now while that thought may be scary, the thought of your face hitting the dash, or steering wheel, with 2 tons of force is not only more scary, it is more deadly. Air Bags when properly installed have almost NO risk of going off on their own, the safety system is very good. When you leave the leads to that explosive dangling loose, or even grounded, you are asking for lots of trouble.

  • Option 4:

(Suggested 2) If you remove the fuse and disable the air bag system, you need to install a 5 point racing harness, and new solid seats (to hold it), to keep your face from making a bad impression on your dash. (The cost behind this would be very high).

NOTE: I have worked in the autobody industry a long time (18 years), and yes air bags scare me; but standing in front of a car moving at 30 (or more) miles per hour scares me more � and unless your body is made solid with the car your in, you are no different than any other loose object in the car.

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Q: How would you disable the air bag on the passenger side of a 1996 Chevy Astro van?
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