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how would i start a repo. business in arkansasMissouri 2002 Title State: License and Registration information refer to: Missouri Motor Vehicle, 301 W. High St., Jefferson City, Missouri 65105. Tel.: (314) 751-4509. Fee for search of records: $3.00.

Recording: Uniform Commercial Code adopted July, 1965. Ownership documents, lien perfection, security agreement filed by lienholder with Department of Revenue, Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Recovery: One time cure law in effect in Missouri; all others per contractual agreement.

Redemption: Ten (10) days.

Deficiency: Permitted.

Special Motor Vehicle Provisions: Liens are noted on Certificate of Title.

Documents Required to Transfer Ownership of Motor Vehicle: Assigned Certificate of Title; certified copy of security agreement, affidavit of repossession and notarized Bill of Sale. PLATES: Remain with the owner.

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Q: How would you find out what is needed to start a repo business in Missouri?
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