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A pride of lions.

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Q: How would you finish this sentence a pride of?
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Which is the correct sentence Did you managed to finish or did you manage to finish?

Did you manage to finish your sentence?The correct usage would be "did you manage to finish?"

Descriptive sentence in Pride and Prejudice?

i am pride of my self

Can you get a sentence with pride?

Pride goes before a fall.

How would you use the word enamel in a sentence?

An enamel finish is more durable than a lacquer finish.

How would you use hamartia in a sentence?

Creon's main and foremost hamartia was his excessive pride.

What is a good topic sentence about pride?

Pride is both a positive and a negative chara.

Is 'sell take pride in their work' a sentence or not a sentence?

If you are referring to the word "sell" as a body or a group of people, then yes. It is a sentence. Though the word "sell" as in the sale of something, then it is not a correct sentence. Maybe if the word meant a department, like "Sales take pride in their work". That would also be appropriate.

How do you make a sentence with the word pride?

His pride would not let him apologize for his mistake. The professor took pride in his accomplishments at the school.The pride of lions moved into the savanna that How_can_you_use_the_word_pride_in_a_sentence.(verb : to give self approval)We pride ourselves on being impartial, but we all have our biases.The country can pride itself on supporting freedom and equality.

Is the sentence ''A pride of lions were seen nearby''correct?

A pride of lion was seen nearby.

What is the infinitive phrase in this sentence i am happy to finish my test?

(to finish)

How would you use flounder in a sentence?

i was the first one to the finish line but i floundered when they said my name.

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