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How would you go about opening a jammed car door?


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2015-07-16 19:29:44
2015-07-16 19:29:44

If all obvious attempts fail, try the following:

Hit door panel with your hand, just below the outside door handle.

As hard as you can.

Use a foam pad to avoid damage to the door, (and your hand).

It has been known to work!

It worked on my car!!



remove the interior door panel. you will see a metal rod connecting your interior and exterior door handles. most of the time the rod comes loose from one or the other. reconnect the rod. theres not much space so you might need a pair of needlenose pliers. if that still doesnt work inside the door to the rear is a trip lever that after pulling will open the door. the lever can be stubborn but it will open the door. any service center should be able to open it for you.

If the door is jammed shut, it will not be possible to remove the door trim on most cars without destroying it. However, if you are able to roll the window down you should be able to insert a thin piece of metal (ie. wire coat hanger, slimjim etc.) and manipulate the door handle rod inside to pop it open. This is possible only if the reason behind the jam is mechanical and not structural.


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