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How would you handle a customer who used abusive language?

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Customer is like god but he must be in control. We all have selfrespect and we are respecting the customer but if someone targets us and use such language , then we must not listen such thing and evenafter solving the problem , he continuous ? Then we must show him we also believe in bharat mata ki jai......................................

2012-06-26 16:28:31
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'How would you handle an irate customer'?

Call for a manager. Calmly listen to them and find out what the complaint is,explain the stores policy to them,and if store policy allows it then solve their problem...If not explain to the customer the resons why.... If the customer is yelling and causing a scene then ask them to please calm down and talk to you instead of yelling at you..If the customer is using abusive/profane statements politely warn them that such language is not acceptable...... If all else fails and the customer remains irate and using abusive or profane language then ask them to leave,if they refuse then call the police and have them removed from the establishment,and have the police issue a tresspass warning to the customer, stating that if they return to the establishment again in the future they will be arrested....

How would you handle a difficult customer?

Call the manager

How would you handle a situation with a rude customer?

if i worked there i would kick them out.

How do you handle a born again customer?

The same as you would any other customer, with courtesy and respect.

How would you handle a high rate customer?

put the phone down

How would you handle a customer complaint to avoid suit?

I would do every thing in my power an or with some help to give the customer what they want and make them happy.

How would you handle an unjustified complaint from a customer?

remaining calm and follow procedurs

What would you do if you had deal with an angry customer?

Try to calm them down whilst being understanding and listening to their complaint if they get abusive send them out Vagina

A customer complains that he was short changed what would you do?

This is a situation that you may want to have your manager or customer service handle. If your drawer is short, you could get in trouble.

How would you handle a very demanding customer?

stick his or her mouth full of dildos 8=======D

How would you handle an angry customer if you gave her the wrong change?

Give her the correct change and apologize.

What are the hYpotHetical questions asked in a call center interview?

Most of the hypothetical questions asked in a call center interview center around how you would handle situations when dealing with customers. For example, how would you calm and irate customer, or how you could handle a rude customer.

How would you best handle a very demanding customer?

A potential employer might ask an employee how to handle a very demanding customer. The best way to respond to such a question is to come up with concrete examples of customer service that the potential employee has been through before.

What do you feel about the term 'customer is always right?

How would you best handle a very demanding customer? Arguing with a customer never solves anything. If you refuse to treat the customer properly, he will go elsewhere and if that happens enough times you won't have a customer base.

How do you handle a customer who is upset or difficult to deal with?

I would try to fix it asking what's the problem is there anything I can help them with that would fix the problem

How would you handle complaints from a customer to avoid legal suit?

Agree with what they're saying and do not argue. After all, "the customer is always right". Let them know you'll do the best you can do resolve any issues and help them out. If you're unsure what to do, ask your boss questions or direct the customer to talk to someone who will know how to handle their problem.

How would you handle irritate customer?

First, ask them to politely tell you what the problem is. Then tell them you are willing to listen and try to find a solution to their problem. If they continue to be irrate in an abusive way, let them know that their behavior is not acceptable and that I would have to terminate the call if they were not willing to stop swearing, for example. If you can persuade them to calm down, do your best to manage the situation and mitigate the problem.

How would you use the word abusive in a sentence?

Some people can be very abusive.

How do you handle an irate customer who starts yelling and will not quit?

Personally, I would call security, or the police. You should not be subjected to such abuse.

How do you tackle a difficult customer?

What they are looking for in this question is good customer service. You could say you would make sure you listened and understood what the problem was. You could respond patiently and kindly no matter how the customer reacted. These are some suggestion of how to handle this.

Why should abusive relationships be separated?

because why would you want to be with someone who is abusive towards you

Benefits of making English a universal language?

There are various benefits to making English a universal language. For example, it would make international business easier to handle.

What do you study for the customer service exam for con Edison?

The Con Edison exam changes often and can vary year to year. The customer service exam may ask how an potential employee would handle irate and difficult customers, company history, or the steps needed to handle calls.

Taking care of customer complaints in Germany?

Taking care of customer complaints in Germany would require a person to be knowledgeable about the department where the complaint is being lodged. You would also need to be fluent in the German language.

How do you handle abusive customers?

You can try taking some seminars. Skill Path offers some great seminars for people dealing with customer service, how to be a better communicator, dealing with emotions and thriving under stress. They come to most cities, and it's something you can use in vitually every aspect of your life. I would consider going to a seminar.