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Fuel filters should be replaced at LEAST every other year. As they become plugged they make the fuel pump work much harder and can shorten the life of your pump. Your fuel pump pressure can be checked by a gauge, however, if the filter is clean and there is poor pressure your pump is probably on the way out. The fuel filter on that one is above the fuel pump module. The filter is part of the fuel pressure regulator and isn't cheap. Why do you think that is what you need? I change my fuel filters about every 30-35,000 miles, not based on a time period. ...................... If you are experiencing Filter or Fuel Pump Problems on that 96-97 Grand Cherokees, it is actually the Plastic Fuel Tank! This should have been a re-call but you will be stuck. The inside of the tanks break down and cause a gummy substance to clog the fuel pump. I had two pumps replaced at the dealer, within 6 months and finally a third dealer admitted he would not warranty the third pump unless we changed the fuel tank. Not all 97's received the BAD tanks, but some did, MINE... The filter on that runs about $100.00-from the dealer. I don't agree with changing the filter every other year. If you drive 3000 miles in a year you may not need one for 10 years. I do agree with the 30-35,000 miles. I do not recommend after market fuel pumps.

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Q: How would you know If you need a new fuel filter or pump on a 97 grand Jeep Cherokee?
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