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How would you paint a horizontal stripe especially in a bedroom?

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If you want to paint your bedroom blue with deep purple stripes for instance (of lighter colours) paint the walls the blue first. Let it dry well for 24 hours. Then go to your hardware store and buy special tape for painted walls. Measure your walls for the distance and width of each stripe and mark with a pencil. (for instance: If one wall requires 12 stripes, measure across, then measure the width of each stripe and draw horizontally with the pencil. Carefully place the tape on each side of each stripe and paint it the deep purple. Let dry for 1/2 hour and carefully pull off tape! Perfect job!

Good luck Marcy

To paint stripes on walls, DO NOT make lines on wall, for you will have to remove them after paint is dry, which could mess up the finshed product, after the base coat(2 coats) of the wall has dried(48 hours to be safe), I would instead use a tape measure, level, painters tape. Measure the width of the stripes you want, put a small pencil mark at the top and bottom of the wall, use the level to make a straight line with the tape. Use a small roller to paint the stripes(also 2 coats, apply 2nd coat when the first coat is tacky to dry), the tape will not leave residue if taken off right after the 2nd coat is applied. Happy Painting, Bill's Painting, Lancaster P.A.

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