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Most Historians rank him close to the bottom of the list.

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I think there's a lot of passion about Nixon. He's got good and bad points. His worst points were that he was a crook, statements to the contrary notwithstanding. He was good on foreign policy, he was decent on the economy. If Nixon would have had an honest bone in his body, he would rank as one of the best presidents ever. But he belonged in prison (something he has in common with a lot of other presidents), so I'd say he was probably right in the middle. I'd say FDR, Eisenhower, Lincoln, Washington and Kennedy were the five best presidents, Nixon was number 23, and the last three Republican presidents were at the absolute bottom.

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Q: How would you rate Richard Nixon amongst the other presidents?
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Richard Nixon had Quaker connections and possibly one or more other earlier Presidents.

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The two U.S. presidents that were accomplished pianists were Harry S. Truman and Richard Nixon. Other presidents have played other instruments, such as Bill Clinton who plays the saxophone.

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John Kennedy ran against Richard Nixon in 1960. Kennedy won but Nixon ran again in 1968 and won.

In the 1990s British actor Anthony Hopkins played two American presidents One was Richard Nixon Who was the other?

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To date, the only US President born in a West Coast state was Richard Nixon, who was born in California.

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Gerald Ford. Richard Nixon chose Ford as his Vice President after the resignation of Spiro T. Agnew. Ford then became President upon Nixon's resignation. The other vice-presidents who assumed the Presidency were elected as vice-presidents.

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Richard Nixon is the only president who failed to complete his term for reason other than death. Nixon resigned voluntarily, but quite possibly would have been forced out if he had not resigned.

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Republican President Richard Nixon woed China. Other Republican Presidents (Reagan and the Bushes) also engaged China.

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Nixon was the only President to resign from office.

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Some presidents are elected to two four year terms and leave office at the end of their term in office. Some presidents are elected to one four year term and leave at the end. The other presidents died in office, except Richard Nixon who was forced to resign.

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Governor of Georgia Jimmy and Dwight governor of California Ronald governor of New Jersey Richard governor of Texas John

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