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How would you repair a gas gauge on a 98 Chevy Malibu that went 360 degrees around and is stuck on the needle?


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2010-07-08 22:43:58

I had this happen and a mechanic said something about the polarity being reversed and I do not know what he did but it took him just a few minutes and he charged me 10 bucks. Do not let anyone tell you you have to rip apart the dash or mess with the needle or replace, sensors, drop the gas tank to fix the level sender, etc. This is a glitch in Chevy Malibus during the late 90s that when you replace your battery the gauge needle will do a 360.

I had this happen on my 98 Malibu, and I just took a pair of needle nose pliers to make a small hook on the end of a straightened out paperclip which I then used to put through a hole the display (there's a small hole through which the button for your tripometer comes through) and pull the needle out enough that it popped back up where it was supposed to go. Yes, this is kind of a silly way to do it, but it sure beats paying somebody to rip up the whole dash to get at the gas guage. Good luck.


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