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How would you stop yourself from eating snacks most of the time?

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Drink more water during the day. Before you eat. If you hunt at night for a midnight snack, drink water before bed. TRUST ME IT HELPS!!!! The above poster is absolutely correct. Often those hunger pangs aren't about hunger at all and by drinking water it takes that feeling away. Another tip is to brush your teeth and rinse well. This gives a little taste (from the toothpaste) and freshens your mouth. If you absolutely have to have something then try a small glass of Pomegranate juice, but no solid foods after 8 PM because it turns to fat.

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Do puppies need water during the night?

Many puppies tend to do most of their eating and drinking at night, so yes. I have a little Yorkie that potties throughout the day and occasionally snacks on her food, but at nght is when she does most of her eating and drinking.

How can you understand the tourist?

Put yourself in his or her place. Think about what things are the most exciting and interesting to see in your area. If you were he, what would you be interested in seeing? In eating? In attending?

Should children and adults have the same diet?

no because it would be bad for the children if they are eating the same as adult. they would be eating to many things and would most probabally end up being fat! no because it would be bad for the children if they are eating the same as adult. they would be eating to many things and would most probabally end up being fat! no because it would be bad for the children if they are eating the same as adult. they would be eating to many things and would most probabally end up being fat!

Do you have to be hungry to lose weight?

NO! What's important is eating the right foods in good portions. Instead of eating big meals, eat 3 small healthy meals and snacks throughout the day such as trail mix, almonds, a baby bell cheese, carrots, dried fruits (mangos are good) and any other low-cal snacks. Eating healthy snacks boosts your metabolism. Not eating anything is actually very unhealthy and will make you sick. One of the most important things about weight loss is being active. You can make it interesting by doing activities outside the gym such as a run on local trails, yoga, or biking.

Are most diabetic snacks sugar free?

Yes, most diabetic snacks are sugar-free. They use a variety of sugar substitutes instead. But this does not mean they don't taste good. Many sugar-free diabetic snacks taste quite good.

Why is binge eating disorder rgarded the most popular eating disorder?

the reason is many girls struggle with their looks just like I do. It is probably harder to starve yourself than to purge.

What was the most popular snacks in the 1960's?


What snacks provide most nutrition for the calories you consume?


What is the difference between a portion and serving?

There is very little difference between these two terms, which in most cases would be interchangeable. However, if you are serving guests you would be more likely to think in terms of a serving, whereas if you are eating by yourself, the term portion would be more applicable.

Eating disorders concerning in matters of food and weight?

That would be virtually all eating disorders. The most common are anorexia and bulimia.

How do people no if they have narcolepsy?

You would most likely need the aid of someone else to notice when you fall asleep during your daily activities ( this would be when you are talking, driving, eating etc. and you would just nod off for a few seconds), as you may not be aware that you are. But if it is serious enough that you are collapsing - then you would notice for yourself.

What are the ingredients in gluten free snacks, and are they healthy?

Most gluten free snacks are indeed better and healthier for you. They content less sugar and salt then most snack foods and as it says is free of gluten.

Healthy snacks for toddlers and preschoolers?

Healthy snacks for kids!Most kids love sweets; and snacks. Carrots? Raisins? Crackers?These snacks will inprove your kids health, and you dont have to tell them "no" again, when they ask for a treat!Also check out the site linked below where a snacking cookbook is offered for sale.

What is the most popular kind of fruit snacks?

My study shows... Idek

What does not eating breakfasts do to you?

By not eating breakfast you are starving your body of nutrients at the most vital time of day. Also, when you don't eat breakfast, you tend to eat more snacks throughout the day and consume larger portions during meals, actually making you gain more weight than if you were to eat breakfast.

What are the most consumed snacks?

The Americans consume the most potato chips. The Americans consume the most potato chips.

Brother only ever has 2 snacks then dinner for food for the whole day is that bad?

Yes, it's not exactly healthy to do that. Most people should be eating 3 balanced meals each day, with a snack or two in-between.

Where can one buy healthy snacks?

Healthy, nutritious and organic snacks can be purchased at many different grocery stores. The most popular stores that sell a large range of healthy snacks are Whole Foods Market, TrueFoodsMarket and Holland @ Barrett.

Can you eat asbestos?

Eating asbestos is like eating rock. If it is in small enough pieces, you can do it, but most people would not think it a good idea to do so.

Should you scale rainbow trout before eating?

I would think that you should.... AND wyou should most definitly COOK the fish before eating it.

Why does it seem like your hamster is not eating?

Most hamsters are nocturnal, so unless you're are up all night, you would not see your hamster eating.

Should kids go outside when they have a cold?

of course kids should go outside more. while sitting there watching t.v. and eating snacks there not getting any exercise or the nutrients their bodys need. Because of these obesity and other major health problems may com into affect. Not to mention how much lazyer it would make them which would most likely affect their future.

Is Valley Fever a skin eating disease?

It can cause a rash over most of the body and some skin ulcers. But not one would call "skin eating".

How do you stop yourself from binge eating?

If you constantly find yourself binge eating you most likely have an eating disorder A Binge eating disorder is almost like Bulimia except after the person consumes a large amount of food they wont throw up. Some Symptoms of a Binge eating disorder is listed below * You feel as thought you have eaten more than a normal person does * You are eating even when you aren't hungry * You feel discussed by eating this amount of food * And, your secretive about the foods you eat The best way to stop yourself from binge eating is recognize you have a binge eating disorder and talk to your doctor or a professional. But if you don't want to you can always seek help within yourself * You can try eating regularly (making up small proportions 5 times a day * try to not skip a meal (it will make you more hungry influencing you to binge) * Get a distraction (take a walk, get on the computer, watch TV) * Exercise (you'll burn some of the calories you eat) For more information you can go to and on the side of the page their should be a link to "Binge eating disorders"

Which is the most common eating disorder?


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