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The fan motor has a short...change it.

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Q: How would you troubleshoot a problem with the heater fuse blowing regularly?
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What are the proper steps needed to troubleshoot and resolve a climate control problem where the heater is blowing cold air in a 1995 Buick Roadmaster?

Thermostat stuck open or heater core clogged. Bad radiator cap or small hole in cooling system.

Why is your home electric heater blowing cold air?

One reason your home electric heater is blowing cold air is the heating elements are burned out. A bad thermostat may also be the problem.

For Honda accord 94' ex heater problem you just replace everything that deals with heater but there's no air blowing out you was just wandering what else you can do?

is the blower motor running? or is it just not blowing hot air?

How do you troubleshoot baseboard heater problem?

Get a cheap volt-ohm-meter (VOM)at Radio Shack. Learn how to test voltages or ohms.

My 1989 ford econoline is overheating and steam is coming from under dash can anyone troubleshoot this problem with you?

Sound like your heater core blew out on you

How do you troubleshoot jeep heater core?

if you got antifreeze on your windshield when you turn the heater on, it's bad

Jeep Wrangler has no heat?

What do you mean by "has no heat"? No air blowing out, blowing out cold air when heater is on, blowing nothing at all? Heater not turning on? What specifically is happening?

1993 Chevy Lumina heater not blowing warm air?

Change your thermostat. Mine had the same problem and it was stuck open.

Why isn't the heater and ac blowing in your vw jetta?

Blower motor, resistor, wiring or control problem are common causes

Why does the 2002 ford explorer keep blowing heater hoses?

could be head gasket problem. does your heater work? might need heater core , clogged up. do compression test. or bypass heater core and see if that works.

How do you fix the heater in Mercury Sable - Ford Taurus?

No one knows if:The heater is NOT blowing - or blowing on high speed only, or... The heater IS blowing, but the air is NOT hotEither way, the "Related Questions" below will get you started

Heat wont work in 1983 Chevy silverado?

Depends, Is it blowing air at all? If not then could be the fan, fan motor, or an electrical problem possibly with the heater controls. If it is just blowing cold then your going to want to check the heater coil, on that truck I believe it is on the passenger side under dash/floorboard. you may smell anti-freeze if so the heater coil is the problem.

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