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It is: 38 = XXXVIII as a Roman numeral

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Q: How would you write 38 as a Roman numeral?
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What is xxxv111 in roman numarals?

The Roman numeral XXXVIII would be 38.

What is roman numeral for 38?

It is: 38 = XXXVIII

What is the roman numeral for 38?


What is the numeric for 1 and 38?

The Roman numeral for 1 is I and the numeral for 38 is XXXVIII

What is the Roman Numeral of 38?


Roman numeral for 38?


What is the roman numeral number 38?


What is the number of this roman numeral XXXVIII?

it is thirty eight. 38

What does the Roman numeral XXXVIII stand for?

Roman numeral XXXVIII stands for 38.XXX = 30 V=5 III=3

Can you write the roman numeral for 38 as XXLVIIIwhy or why not?

You probably can but today 38 in Roman numerals is XXXVIII. However, 38 in Roman numerals could possibly be written out as XXLVIII and then by subtracting VIII from both sides of these numerals be simplified to IIXL. In fact the Latin word for 38 is "duodequadraginta" which literally means 2 from 40.

How do you write 38 in roman numbers?

It is: 38 = XXXVIII.

What roman numeral super bowl was in 2004?

2004 was super bowl 38 so in roman numerals that is XXXVIII

What is 634 divided by 38 write a mixed numeral for the answer?


How does 38 look like in Roman numeral?

On converting between Arabic and Roman Numbers: 38 IN ROMAN NUMERALS is written as : XXXVIII where X=10 ,VIII=8

What is the roman numeral for 38 529?

Roman numerals do not have any symbol occurring consecutively more than three (or sometimes four) times. A number such as 38 000 would be written as the symbol XXXVIII (the Roman numeral for 38) with a horizontal line over the top. The horizontal line indicates the number is multiplied by ten thousand.The remainder of the number would be written as 529 is normally written: DXXIX

XXXVLLL is the Roman numeral for which number?

I think you mean XXXVIII, which is 38. XXXVLLL doesn't really make any sense.

What is the roman numeral for Xxxviii?

X = 10 and XXX = 30. V = 5 and I = 1 so VIII = 8 (5 + 3), so XXXVIII equals 38.It is already a Roman number which stands for 38 in Hindu-Arabic numerals

Is it true with Roman numerals you can substitute a ten with a fifty such as with the number 38 xxxviii or xxlviii?

No, it is not true that you can substitute a ten for a fifty in Roman numerals. A ten is a ten and a fifty is a fifty and it an entirely different number. The number 38 is correctly written in Roman numerals as XXXVIII. The numeral XXLVIII is not a correct Roman numeral at all. While an L may correctly be preceeded by an X it should not be preceeded by XX. If it were a correct numeral XXL would mean 20 before 50, which equals 30, but as XXX already equals 30 there would never be any logical need to invent another way to express this value, especially when the supposed alternative way isn't any shorter or easier.

How do you write .38 in word form?

I would write: zero, point, thirty-eight

How would you write 38 billion in standard notation?


What is 38 in Roman numerals?

XXXVIII is the number 38 in Roman numerals.

How do you write 38 percent as a fraction?

You can write 38% as .38 or as 38/100 or 19/50 if you prefer.

What is 38 in roman numerrals?

It is: 38 = XXXVIII

How would you write 19 over 50 as a percent?

19/50 is the same as 38/100 or 38%.

What is the symbol of 38 in roman numerals?