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1. Open the hood; locate two angled metal sticks just above the headlight system. They are clipped in towards the engine; turn them 45 degrees towards the front of the vehicle and lift out. Place them to the side for a few minutes.

2. Then jiggle the headlight assembly to the right/left and one of inner side should start to come out. Then the rest of the piece will come out. BE CAREFUL; you can scratch paint if you are too rough.

3. Disconnect the bulb assemblies by squeezing the little lip and then turning the bulb assembly. Replace as necessary.

4. IMPORTANT: When you have this out, go ahead and pull the lower assembly out too; this is where your daytime running lights as well as the turn signal lights are. Make sure these are replaced too; they are cheap and good to replace all at the same time.

5. The lower assembly has a grey plastic clip on the back of the assemly; to the far left/right of the unit. Pop this and then the whole thing will come forward.

Reassemble in the reverse order; when you get the headlight assembly in place; the pins will drop in and snap back into place.

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Q: How you change the headlight bulb in a 2005 Chevy Suburban?
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