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You have to be connected to the wireless internet. # Go to settings.

# Touch the wifi settings. # Try to connect to a wireless connection. # On the main screen there is a YouTube icon. Touch it and it will take you to YouTube's site automatically.

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โˆ™ 2010-09-09 15:21:57
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Q: How you get YouTube videos on your iPod Touch?
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Why can't watch YouTube video on iPod touch?

If you could have YouTube videos in a format that iPod touch will play and were able to sync the videos to iPod Touch there would be no problem

How do you download Youtube videos to iPod Touch?

You have to have pro tube

Which iPod could a person view YouTube videos on?

An iPod must have video capabilities to run YouTube. Any iPod that has video may be able to watch YouTube videos, however it is a simpler process on some compared to others. The iPod Touch is highly recommended for viewing YouTube videos.

How do you take out the battery on a ipod touch?

i wont recommend it but there are videos about it on youtube

Does the iPod Touch have Pokemon?

Yes. There are videos in Youtube that can show you how to download it if needed.

How do you put your videos from your iPod onto YouTube?

Using the iMovie app for iOS, you can upload a video that you have produced to YouTube using an iPod Touch.

How do you get YouTube videos on your ipod touch without the internet?

Unless you have downloaded them, you need the internet.

Can you get an app for ipod touch that lets you download videos from YouTube?

Sadly, there is no such app that allows you to do this.

Can you put YouTube videos on your iPod touch?

Yes. First, you need a program called YouTube downloader that allows you to download YouTube videos by copying and pasting the URL link and the video needs to be downloaded into an iPod format

Does the youtube app on ipod touch need an internet connection?

no, but if you want to watch videos then yes

Can you convert YouTube videos using an iPod touch?

I need thus answered too but I think no!

What is the difference between a netbook and an iPod?

On a netbook, you cannot play videos on YouTube; on an iPod Touch you can. You cannot play games on a netbook.

How do you watch deleted videos on YouTube?

If you have an ipod touch/iphone you can watch it from the youtube app (because video may still be on the server)

Can you watch Naruto episodes from the internet on a ipod touch?

Yes you can watch them on google, youtube,yahoo videos

Does Youtube come with Ipod Touch?

Yes, there's a application for it where you can browse, search and offcourse watch videos

Can you upload videos on an iPod Touch 4?

Yes, you can upload them to YouTube and I believe Facebook, but I'm not positive.

How do you get YouTube on iPod touch?

Comes as an app on the ipod touch

How do you get YouTube videos on your iPod?

Download and convert youtube to iPod compatible video.

Can you watch Hulu videos on a jailbroken ipod touch?

You CAN watch Hulu videos on any iPod Touch.

How do you upload videos on YouTube from an iPod touch 4?

email youtube the video, on youtube settings it will say where u send it to. or save the files to ur computer and upload it

Is there any way to view videos on the itouch?

the youtube app and multiple's an iPod Touch not an iTouch

What if your iPod does not support this video It says Some of the videos in your iTunes library were not copied to the iPod It is not copied because the video format is not supported by my iPod?

You need an ipod touch converter. Go to this link, It will have conversion software and youtube downloader to play your youtube videos on ur ipod anytime!

Why are music videos so popular on YouTube?

Youtube is the most popular website for watching videos. Many people would rather watch youtube music videos than buy it on your iphone/ipod touch/phone/ ect. I hope this helped :D

How do you connect to YouTube on your iPod touch?

the Ipod Touch comes with the app Youtube on it automatically. All you need is internet connection.

Can you put ipod nano videos on YouTube?

Yes. You are able to put iPod Nano videos on YouTube. But, you must do it through using your computer. You must have a YouTube Account, and have iTunes.