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To run exe files in Linux is easy and quick. All you have to do is go to Linux and download the files you want.

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Q: How you run exe files in Linux?
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How do you run .exe files on ubuntu 11.04?

Unfortunately, .exe is a filename extension not used in Linux. To run these type of files, either use a virtual machine or Wine.

How do you run .exe files on Linux?

Linux cannot by default run .exe files. Those are Windows programs. With an application library called "Wine", many (but certainly not all) Windows programs can be run. Check your distro's repository to see if they have a package of Wine for you to install.

Do .exe files run on Linux?

Not natively, but some can be run using Wine. If at all possible, you should try to find a Linux version of the program.

Is it possible to have a .exe file in Linux?

You can have a file of any type on Linux. To actually run a Windows program, files that have the extension ".exe", you'll need an API library known as "Wine."

How do you install trade tiger software for Linux?

install wine and then you will be able to run .exe files on ubuntu

How do you change the executable bit in Linux for a .exe file?

chmod +x is the command to set the executable flag in Linux but, Linux does not use exe files.

What type files are exe files?

A .exe file is an executable file. Opening an exe file will run a program. Before you open it, make sure that it is a legitimate program. It may run malware that will corrupt your files.

What file extension is associated with executable files?

For windows, .exe For Mac, .dmg For Linux, .rpm

Did exe file runs in solaris?

The ".exe" file extension is exclusive to Microsoft products, including MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows. While Solaris does have "executable" files, there is no requirement for those files to have an ".exe" extension. Technically speaking, ".exe" programs run only on Microsoft-based operating systems. Therefore, Solaris does not run ".exe" files.

How can you run siszip and exe files in symbian 9.5 OS?

You usually cant run Windows .exe files in symbian,but you can run or execute symbian .exe files but the have to be compiled in .sis format.There is no emulator for this but i'm working on it to develop a emulator for symbian.Please contact me- for the emulator. :) And for that,you need atleast Symbian Anna or Belle to run them properly.

Why does Linux give me an error message when I double-click .exe files?

EXE files are intended for use with the Microsoft Windows Operating System. However Wine allows Linux users to utilize many such applications as well. Depending on your Linux environment, there may be a binary package available, or you may build from the source code provided at

How do you run PHP files on Linux?

php -f file.php

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