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NO! Buy your own insurance! Or get him to!

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Q: HttpwikianswerscomQI am using your friends car for few days and you dont want to use his insurance so can you buy a insurance for his car while you are driving that car?
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In what circumstances does your auto insurance cover you and the car if you are driving a friends car?

Car insurance follows the car. If you are using the friend's car temporarily, with permission, as a substitute for your own insured car, your insurance should cover you if the friend's insurance does not. What if my friend (who has the car) does not have insurance and I want to pay for my faults and fix it - will he be arrested?

If your insurance ran out on your friends car can you take your insurance card and put it in that vehicle and be covered?

NO!!!! However if you are the one driving your friends car your policy may provide some protection with regards to your liability but only if you are driving. Your own liability usually only follows you to another car if you are using it temporarily as a substitute for your own insured vehicle. Even then, your insurance would be secondary to the owner's policy and your insurer would expect it to be insured. Before I even thought about driving an uninsured car, I would check with my agent to find out if I would be covered. It would be a lot cheaper to buy your friend an insurance policy than to pay the expenses for even a fairly minor accident.

AAA insurance raise cell phone driving ticket?

Yes, in some cases your insurance company will raise the rates on your policy if you receive a ticket for driving while using the cell phone. AAA offers discounts for safe drivers.

Does a chemical test refussal affect car insurance?

This can affect car insurance if they believe you are drinking or using drugs and driving. However, most of the time it won't go up.

Can you buy auto insurance for your husband car?

You have to be on the registration as well. Most insurance companies are cracking down on this because people are using other's with better driving records to save money-so they got wise

Who is responsible if using another's vehicle whose insurance lapsed?

The person driving the vehicle. You borrowed the vehicle so any damage is your responsibly to fix. In almost all cases your insurance covers you if you must borrow another car. Check with your insurance company to be sure.

Where can you purchase cheap auto liability insurance?

Auto liability insurance, sometimes known as third party insurance, provides protection to the driver for the costs of damaging another vehicle, property or person whilst driving. Cheap auto liability insurance can be purchased from car insurance brokers, and cheap deals can be identifed using insurance comparison websites such as Go Compare or Compare the Market.

Will a talking on the cell phone while driving ticket affect your insurance?

The short answer is it depends on your insurance company. Some do and some don't; most do not. My qualifications: I am an independent insurance agent in CA. ADDED: It may well do where using a hand-held phone while driving is illegal, as it is here in the UK. As you say it would depend on the insurer, but in the event of an accident it could at least void the claim if not the policy.

Where can you get cheap car insurance for young drivers?

Car insurance premiums are measured using a variety of variables. These factors include your age, driving experience, vehicle model, annual mileage, and overnight parking location. You can compare cheap insurance rates for young drivers online.

How much does Gieco insurance cost for a new driver?

"The insurance cost for a new driver on any insurance company like Gieco will depend on the drivers age, and what type of vehicle they will be using. Typically male drivers at the age of 16 cost about $200 a month to insure driving a 4 door car."

I am using my friend's car for few days and I do not want to use his insurance so can I buy insurance for his car while I am driving that car?

If the cars currently insured, you can't insure it again. Just get named on your friends policy temporarily.It is a common misconception that automobile insurance purchased in the United States for a United States driver covers the vehicle. In fact, automobile insurance only covers thedriver. As long as you are properly licensed to drive a motor vehicle (i.e., for whatever class(es) of license you were tested for and the given State has granted you), and your personal automobile insurance is valid, and the motor vehicle you are about to drive is properly registered with the given State, and, most importantly, you have your friend's permission to drive the motor vehicle (usually indicated by the State-issued, motor vehicle registration card, which your friend needs to give you while you are driving his/her motor vehicle), then you are covered by your own insurance company, regardless of what motor vehicle you are driving. If you get into an accident while driving your friend's motor vehicle, then your insurance company would pay any relevant damages (whether or not you are at fault) to your friend. If you do not have your own automobile insurance, and need to "buy" it, as the question states, then it implies that you are not legally licensed to drive, as all U.S. States require insurance in order to be licensed to drive.

Do you have to have a drivers license to ride a mini moto?

depends how small, if its medium sized, i believe its 16+ of age if its a small one, anybody can use it ================================================== If you are using it in the UK you do not need a driving licence to ride ON private land If you are using it on a public road you will need a driving licence and insurance and the mini-moto will need to be taxed and MOTed.