I'm 16 and pregnant What should I do?

Firstly, you should take some time to sit down and think about what this means for you, your partner, your family and theirs, and what it could mean for you socially and emotionally. When considering this, you will need to look at all of the options. Just some of them and some of the things you should consider are below, by no means all of them, but some of them are vital to consider.

First of all, you will have to decide whether you would keep the child. This will mean different things based on where you are- decisions as to whether to have an abortion or not, that is, to actually carry the baby will depend on what you, the child's father, and your respective families want or believe in religiously. As well as this, you will need to consider the safety of your health, if you are 16, as well as what you can legally do, whether an abortion is legal where you life if you decide not to keep the child. Of course, this is not the only option if you do not want to raise a child- you can always give the child up for adoption, following carrying the child to term, though i would suggest that you carefully investigate the service whom you surrender the child to, were you do to that.

In this, you will also have to consider what this means to you yourself. How would your family react to such news? Are you able to handle the responsibility? What would the child's father do? Are you able to monetarily able support yourself and the child? Would you and the father stay together, and what role would he play in the child's life? What responsibility does he take? Are you in school? Would you be able to finish school once the child is born? Would you be able to obtain a respectable job as the child is growing after not finishing school? The issue of your own schooling and education is an important one, as it determines how both your and your child's lives will unfold, if you choose to go down that path. It would also mean you would have to rely on your family and other people for a lot of support to complete studying while raising the child.

At any rate, what you should do next you should discuss at least with your parents, as their support would hopefully make whatever decisions you make in the future easier for you. However, this depends on your own raising and your parents attitudes and beliefs towards issues such as this. However, they would have a right to know.

If you feel you would not be able to support a child, then your best options would probably be to have an abortion, if legal and safe, or to give up the child for adoption, either to a member of family or to a proper, safe adoption agency.

You can also get in contact with your schools' guidance councillor, if it has one, as well as any local helplines. A quick internet search will find for you these numbers, as well as people who would be able to assist you in this matter, and talk with you more thoroughly about what you're going through and everything that you have to consider.

You can contact Planned Parenthood to find out all your choices and the details thereof: 1-800-230-PLAN or you can look on their website www.plannedparenthood.org

Please understand with this that it's normal to be scared an unsure of your future. The first thing you should really do is talk it over with someone close to you or an authority on the subject, who will give you support and advice. Please remember that whatever you choose to do has to be your decision, though there are people whose opinions also do matter, such as your family and the father, but whom should not overwhelm your choice and free thought in the issue.

It is also important that you soon make an appointment with a gynecologist or your GP for a further referral so you can be sure of your pregnancy, and so you can begin to take care of yourself and your child as necessary.

A few words from a teenage mother:
I am 17 and 6 1/2 months pregnant. It is very hard for me. When teens get pregnant there are a lot more health problems for the mother. It is easier for teen mothers to get infections. And it also has to change your body that is already changing. If the mother doesn't eat right then she and the baby will get very malnourished. You need to think before you have sex. Take precautions please, because if any teen thinks that pregnancy is easy, it's really not. It is the hardest thing that I have been through in my life. I have a husband that is right by my side through it all and it doesn't get any easier no matter if you have your baby's dad there or not. It is one of the hardest things you will go through. But when you hold your baby for the very first time it will all be worth it. I would do it all over again because I love my baby that much. And he isn't even born yet. It is so wonderful when you feel your baby moving around inside you, but if you're a teen and you're thinking about having a baby please wait a few years. I was one of the teens who wanted to get pregnant. I don't regret it, but I would have waited a little longer. You do not want to go through pregnancy yet. I've been there. I won't be doing it again for a very very long time. Go through school get a higher education and a well paying job because you're going to need it. Please take my advice and wait.