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Q: I'm a homeopath doctor how do you become a general practitioner?
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What do general practitioner's do?

A doctor who treats both acute and chronic illnesses is known as a general practitioner. A general practitioner provides cure and preventive care for all sexes.

What type of doctor knows everything?

General practitioner.

What doctor helps you stop smoking?

A general practitioner.

What are the qualifications to become a doctor in Trinidad?

qualifications to become a medical practitioner

What license does a doctor need?

The type of license needed depends on the type of doctor you want to become. A medical doctor, or general practitioner, usually obtains a license to practice as an osteopathic doctor.

What is another name for family doctor?

A General Practitioner (GP).

A synonym for the word doctor?

physician, medic, general practitioner

What is a doctor who treats lip lesions called?

General Practitioner

What is a GP doctor?

General Practitioner its your main doctor you see when u feel ill

What doctor do you see for hemorrhoids?

A general practitioner (family doctor), a dermatologist (skin doctor) or a proctologist (ass doctor)

What is full form of MD GP?

Medicinae Doctor, General Practitioner

What does GP means in medicine?

General Practitioner. AKA Family Doctor.

What type of doctor to get a physical?

A family or general practitioner would be fine.

What doctor treats earaches?

Ear, nose and throat or a general practitioner.

What does g.p stands for?

General Practitioner (doctor)Gross Profit (business)

What doctor prescribes alprazolam?

Your general practitioner/family doctor or psychiatrist would be the ones to ask.

What is a General Practitioner?

A general practioner is a medical doctor who is a generalist (did not study a specialty during residency). Often referred to as a 'family doctor'.

Which type of doctor treats the largest range of ailments?

A general practitioner is the type of doctor that treats the largest range of ailments. A general practitioner treats all ages of patients from birth to the very aged.

What is the name of a doctor who helps people in the countryside?

Probably a GP or general practitioner.

How much does a Mexican doctor get paid on average?

On average, a general practitioner doctor in Mexico makes about $21,000 a year.

What should you do about a husband who last seconds in bed?

Have him talk to a doctor about it, a general practitioner or a urologist.

What is a person called that does restoration?

A doctor (general Practitioner), a surgeon, or an reconstructive plastic surgeon

Is a homeopath have qualifications equivalent to a doctor?

No. There is no qualification for a "homeopath", and "homeopathic" remedies and treatments are typically proposed by people who have no medical qualifications whatsoever.

What do you call a doctor who checks your overall well-being?

In Amercia, that's an MD (Doctor of Medicine) or a GP (General Practitioner).

What kind a doctor give allergy shots?

A general practitioner (family doctor) may be able to, but the specialist would be an allergist.