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Q: I thawing beef a chemical change and why?
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Is thawing and freezing a geological?

chemical change

Is thawing of meat a physical or chemical change?


Is thawing meat a physical or chemical change?

Thawing meat is a chemical change because the meat isn't changing the meat is just melting but it's not changing shape or flavor or texture etcIt's a physical change the water is changing from solid - ice, to a liquid. The meat is not changing.

Is grinding beef a chemical change?

no it is a physical change because you are just changing the size not the chemical structure

What chemical change occurs when you are making a beef stew?


What is a chemical change a piece of beef rotting cutting a piece of beef grinding a piece of beef or cooking a piece of beef?

cooking a piece of beef...but not 100% sure

Can you freeze roast beef twice?

Yes. But, any damage is done during the thawing. If you thaw in the refrigerator at 5C you can refreeze. if you cook the beef after thawing once you refreeze it, but if you thaw the beef the first time at room temperature you are risking food poisoning when you thaw the beef a second time

Some agents for chemical weathering?

OxygenFreezing and thawing

What is it called when the physical break down of rock and soil without any change in chemical makeup by physical process such as freezing and thawing?


What is the chemical breakdown of beef?

Beef is natural, chemicals are manmade.

Give 2 examples of a physical change?

Freezing and thawing

True or false freezing and thawing are an example of chemical weathering?

False. Mechanical weathering.

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