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no because they will do each other

2009-01-12 02:39:59
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Q: IF 2 sisters have a mortgage together and one gets married can the sisters sell the home to sister and husband essentially selling to self?
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What you call husband and wife together?

A married couple.

Can you evict your husband if you are still married and he pays part of the mortgage?

What are you going to use as a basis for eviction? The answer is no you cannot.

What is husband and wife living together?

Obviously, a married couple.

You cannot file income taxes together unless you are married?

I am not a lawyer but before we got married, my husband and I, filed taxes together as a living together couple.

Does consider husband and wife legally married if they live together after the divorce?

No, they are divorced.

If husband pays off mortgage after you were married but did not put your name in the deed?

Then the husband is the sole owner of the property. Unless it is specifically written in the husbands Will (if he should die) the property belongs to him and him alone.

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Do you have to be married to have a joint mortgage in Florida?


What is the right of a wife over salary of the husband?

No right. He is not your parents. If you mean divorce, it depends on where you were married, where you live, how long you have been married, and if you have children together.

Can your husband kick you out of his house that he owned before you were married even though you pay the mortgage?

You need to consult with an attorney in your area who can review your situation and explain your rights and options.

If husband took a mortgage on his home to buy daughter's home before he re-married will wife be held liable to pay this debt by selling the house in case of his death with or minus a will?

no, the only one responsible for payment is the name on the note, not the mortgage.

Can you buy a home while still being legally married?

Usually, a mortgage company is going to check credit that belongs to both you and your husband and may also require both signatures on any mortgage agreement. If you can get your husband to sign on to a mortgage and deed the property solely to you...go for it! Otherwise you would be wise to wait to make any major purchases until the divorce is final and your personal financial situation is stable. There may also be an issue of "marital assets". If you buy a home while still legally married, it may be considered joint property, regardless of who is on the mortgage agreement and deed.

Your husband has been living with another woman while you were married and they have brought a house together.?

Get a lawyer now. In some states I think you could be as responsible as your husband for the mortgage. Don't forget to divorce the creep and take him for all he's worth. Maybe you can even force them to buy you out of this house of theirs or sell it and share any proceeds with you. Community property baby.

If your husband was married when you got married?

Then you are not legally married.

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Your husband owned a house in North Carolina before you were married But after you married he refinaced it the deed is in your name but the loan is not Do you have a legal right to the house?

If your husband refinanced his home and then conveyed it to you then you are the owner of the property subject to the mortgage. If the mortgage isn't paid the bank can take possession of the property. If your name is on the deed as the grantee then you have a right to the use and possession of the property until you convey your interest to someone else by a quitclaim deed. If your name is on the deed WITH your husband then you own a half interest and have the right to the use and possession of the whole property.

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Who is responsible a married couple in Louisiana enter a mortgage contract the wife lied to the husband for the amount he can not read or write and it was his property put up as collederal?

She has committed fraud against her husband. They are both going to be held responsible and he should consult an attorney.