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Q: IS a black velvet gown appropriate for a black tie event in April?
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Is it ok to wear a black velvet skirt in May at a black tie event?

no. only in fall or winter.

What type of dress clothing is appropriate for a black tie event?

The types of dress clothing that are appropriate for a black tie event are usually a black tux for men with vest and or cumberbun and for a women a floor length gown that is somewhat fancy.

Is a little black dress appropriate to wear to a formal event?

A little or short black dress is probably not appropriate for a formal occasion, something longer would be more suitable, or maybe a smart business suit

What are the release dates for Married to Medicine - 2013 A Black Eye Event?

Married to Medicine - 2013 A Black Eye Event was released on: USA: 14 April 2013

Can you still get the liberty pass for Pokemon Black and White?

no the event expired on April 4th

Would Tint Your World's black, short-sleeved dress be appropriate to wear to a semi-formal event?

Yes a black dress is good for any occasion.

When does the victini event come out in the US?

The Victini event starts on the Black & White release date(March 6th), and runs until April 10th.

How do you get pass victory road in Pokemon black?

A wi-fi event that is going on until April 10

Can you get Victini after April 10th in Pokemon Black or White?

No, you can not. Victini is an Event Pokemon available only from March 6 to April 10, 2011.

Is the Victini event at game stop and do you get Victini on white and black versions or Gen IV games?

The Victini Event will be on Wi-Fi. You cannot get it in Generation 4. The event lasts from March 6- April 10.

What is the appropriate jurisdiction?

THe "appropriate jurisdiction" is usually the one in which the event occurred.

In Pokemon white is there a cheat for finding victini?

its the same in Pokemon black its a wi-fi event till April 10th

Is it appropriate for men to wear casual shoes to a black tie event?

No, it is not. A black tie event insinuates that tuxedos or very nice suits are the proper attire for the occasion. So men should be expected to dress like that, and women shouldn't wear short skirts or sleeveless dresses.

What question would not be appropriate to ask when a SIDS event occurs?

I can think of hundreds, but it strikes me that if they are not appropriate to ask, they are not appropriate to write down here.

What important event occurred April 9th 1865?

What important event occurred April 9th, 1865

What important event occurred April 14th 1865?

What important event occurred April 14th, 1865

How do you get reshiram on white?

trade it from black. but there is a wi-fi event (mystery gift) right now that will give you reshiram if you play white (or zekrom when playing black). you can get one until 8 of april 2012.

What historic event took place in South Africa in 1994?

27 April 1994, Nelson Mandela was elected as president. He was the first ever black president

What type of event is appropriate for a double breasted suit ?

A business meeting, lunch or breakfast meeting would be appropriate.

What are the next events for Pokemon Black and White?

The next event for Pokémon Black and White is a Nintendo Wi-Fi event and it will start on March 10, 2012 and it will end on April 8, 2012. Players will be able to receive either Zekrom or Reshiram depending on the game that they're playing. Pokémon Black players will receive Zekrom and Pokémon White players will receive Reshiram.

When does the victini event end in Pokemon Black and White?

April 10th in the US and April 22nd in Europe, apparently.Fix:it's still going in US right now. it probably ended between may and June

Where do you get wonder cards for Pokemon Black 2 and do they cost anything?

Wonder Cards on Pokémon Black 2 can only be downloaded to your game while there is an active event distribution going on regardless of the event distribution being a Wi-Fi one or the distribution being held at Gamestop or Toy 'R' Us however there are no current events as of April 20, 2013. Event distributions are free to download.

When is Arceus event 2011 Pokemon Black?

there is not going to be an event for arceus on Pokemon black sorry to disapoint you.....!

What was the purpose of the first Earth Day event on April W 1970?

hat was the purpose of the first Earth Day event on April 22, 1970?

How do you get the appropriate event item?

U v gotta use an action rep,lay, i-cheats, gameshark or a Nintendo event