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well your probably pregnant then. Get a pregnancy test to be sure and go to the doctors.

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Q: I am 15 and i think i might be pregnant I've been having terrible backaches and cramps when i poop but i thought i was just about to get my period its been about two weeks and i havent gotten it?
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I have my period and am very dizzy with other pregnancy symptoms - can I be pregnant?

There is a small chance you could be pregnant but with your period you can get dizzy, have cramps, bloating, headaches, backaches, and feel like you are pregnant. The best way to find out for sure is to take a pregnancy test.

What are the signs of pregnancy after seven weeks?

It is nausea , craving for food, cramps and backaches.

What are cramps like?

Cramps are terrible they hurt so bad

Can you have cramps and still be pregnant?

Yes, if you have cramps but no menstrual flow, you can be pregnant.

Why do one have cramps after artificial insemination?

U may be pregnant, when I became pregnant with my first child I had cramps for two whole weeks before I knew I was pregnant..the whole time I just thought my period was coming and when it didn't I went to the dr n they confirmed my pregnancy I was 5 weeks.

Can you still have cramps if you think your pregnant?

Yes u can still have cramps when ur pregnant and when ur not.

What are some signs that your daughter is close to her first period?

She will be very irratable,complain about cramps,get headaches and backaches,and possibly even be a little depressed

If you are pregnant and have your period will you still get cramps?

If you are pregnant you will not have your period

DO women have abdominal cramps at 3 weeks pregnant?

im 3 weeks pregnant right now, and my cramps just feel like period cramps.

Is it normal to be having lower backaches and dull cramps sometimes with brown spotting at 6 weeks pregnant?

brown spotting is okay. That's old blood. As long as its not bright red. Sometimes i get pains down low if I move suddenly or sneeze. Not quite like cramps. You should ask your doctor if your not sure of anything that's what they're there for!

Can you still have cramps and bleeding when pregnant?

Yes you can bleed when you are pregnant and get cramps whilst pregnant because all the hormones are changing for you and the baby. Hipprocker x

Can no cramps before your period means you are pregnant?

No, not having cramps is normal and lucky. If your haveing a normal flow you aren't pregnant.