I am 37 weeks pregnant with my second child 4 cm dilated and i am 80 percent effaced will labor start soon?

Im 37 weeks and dialted almost four as well, but my doctor told me that it is perfectly normal for woman to walk around up to 8 cm dilated. Every woman is different and when baby's ready to come s/he will come. Theirs no telling when it could be. With my first I didn't even have a warning. I mean I was cramping on and off for weeks but one day I just started laughind and my water just broke. And, this one theirs nights I've had contractions left and right, a min long but he still hasn't came and I have had less and less sighs of labor as times passed. So, theirs no need to worry yourself more than pregnancy already makes you. When s/he's ready sweetie you'll both know it.