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Anything can be submitted in court. It's up to the Judge as to whether or not they believe it. That is where your written reponse to the complaint, your "answer" to the complaint comes in. Your answer is that the complaint says that x,y, and z are true. That was done under oath when the complaint was turned in. If that is not a matter of fact the complaint is weakened. State the dispute and give facts or witnesses to back it up.

2008-08-08 14:00:47
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Q: I am defending againt a complaint makes some specific allegations that are untrue how can you submit the complaint as evidence in court if it is not certified?
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How do you defend against false allegations of terrorist threat?

Defending against false allegations of terrorism is much like defending against any other false allegations. The general idea is, lies are refuted by telling the truth. You would have to examine the basis for the allegations, whatever evidence or reports have been collected, and explain what really happened, and produce whatever confirming evidence you can, to prove your case.

What evidence do you need to submit to the court as a defense against false allegations.?

Pleadings like the complaint and the answer are not evidence. The standard practice is to conduct what is called discovery. You can ask written questions about the facts to support the allegations of the complaint, demand documents and take the depositions of the witnesses. The plaintiff is not necessarily obligated to proceed at trial with all of the claims, but you can have the witnesses and documentary evidence available at trial to disprove the claims.

Getting a complaint resolved requires that the consumer have appropriate to substantiate the complaint?


How do you answer false allegations?

With the truth, proof, evidence, witnesses, and a good lawyer.

Can the police arrest you if there has been a complaint about you stabbing someone in the arm with no evidence?

The complaint itself is evidence. If the officer feels that the complaint fills the need for probable cause, they may arrest on just that information.

Getting a complaint resolved requires that the consumer have appropriate what to substantiate the complaint?

Evidence or proof

Getting a complaint resolved requires that the consumer have appropriate blank to substantiate the complaint?


What is some good evidence to bring to criminal court?

Any and all evidence (and testimony of witnesses) necessary to prove, or refute, the allegations.

What does the allegations are not sustained mean?

If it is in a court order, it means that the court did not find that there was sufficient evidence presented to support the allegations, and they are therefore not found to be fact. If it is in a different context, please rephrase and reask.

What is the statute of limitations on fraud in a criminal case meaning someone deliberately and knowingly manufacturied fraudulent evidence and made false allegations against an innocent defendant?

If your allegations can be proven, there is no statute of limitations on PERJURY.

Is alleged considered as evidence?

no. Added: Alleged derives from the word ALLEGATION - "The assertion, declaration or statement of a party of what he believes he can prove." Allegations become EVIDENCE only after they are proven.

Can you sue spouse for false domestic violence allegations that you were found not guilty of for defamation of character?

No. even though the false statements might amount to defamation of character if they were simply published or told to someone, they are immune from such a suit because they were made in a criminal complaint. The fact that you were found not guilty does not prove that the allegations were false. It only proves that the evidence in the case did not prove beyond a reaonable doubt that you made them. The only way you would have any chance at suing would be if you were able to prove that she is guilty of malicious use of the legal process if she knew the allegations were false and filed the action to harm you in some way.

Can a certified letter be used in court as evidence?

It depends on what it is being used as evidence of. The text contained in the letter would probably be hearsay, so it could not be introduced as evidence of anything contained in the letter. However, certified letters are often used to show that a party had notice of something. A copy of the certified letter could be admissible to show that the person received notice.

Can cps get a court order against you even if they have no evidence to support allegations?

For any agency to gain a court order would require for the agency to prove to a court that the order was justified by the facts But, it does depend on the allegations. The court may decide to rule on the side of caution. This frequently happened to fathers accused of sex abuse where no clear evidence can be established.

Who proves guilt in a case?

The prosecution will show the evidence and present the testimony that indicates guilt. The defending attorney will try to punch holes in the evidence and testimony. The jury then decides what the facts are based on the testimony and evidence.

What is the difference between evidence and allegations?

It's the difference between accusing someone of a crime and actually convicting that person. Allegations would be "RCMP have arrested Bob King, who allegedly killed his wife last month." Evidence in that case would be bloody clothes, murder weapon, etc. Basically, any physical sign that the person committed that crime.

Can you dispute probation officer's allegations about not following probation rules?

Yes you can. If you are surrendered by your probation officer for violations you have the right to a probation surrender hearing were you have the right to deny the allegations put forward by the probation office/officer and provide evidence on your behalf. The burden of proof is on the probation officer.

How can I gather evidence for a disturbance of the peace complaint in Missouri?

Call the police while the event is happening. They will do what needs to be done.

How to file a complaint against a HOMEOWNERS association?

Your answer depends on the nature of the complaint. Unfortunately, your governing documents give your board substantial power over your real estate investment. Over time, your association may be subjected to directors who, as volunteers, refuse to follow the guidelines established for the community, and take rogue actions. Depending on the damage you suffer, you can document the complaint -- after researching your governing documents and pointing out the action that fails these guidelines -- by sending a certified letter to the board. Request confirmation from them that their action is in violation of your agreements. With this evidence you can take your complaint to a local, common interest community-savvy attorney, who can help you bring appropriate action against the board.

Can a tampered document be admissible in evidence?

complaint in consumer forum is filed on the basis of tampered receipt issued by courier company

Did John F. Kennedy have a affair with Marilyn Monroe?

Rumors and allegations to that effect have been around for a long time, but it's never actually been proven. It's possible that he did, but if so, he was a lot better at hiding the evidence than, say, Clinton was. (Of course, if even a fraction of the rumors and allegations are true, he had a lot more experience at hiding the evidence than Clinton did... and much better taste, to boot).

Is ballistics evidence admissible in court?

Generally it would be, if the gathering and testing were done by a certified law enforcement official (s) and a certified forensic lab. Please be advised, acceptance of any evidence depends upon the existing laws relating to the matter and the ruling of the presiding judge.

Why did Michael Jackson leave neverland?

After the allegations, the trial and the police turning the place upside down trying to find evidence, Michael said it was no longer a home it was just a house.

What accusation that Vanzetti made against the prosecution attorney Mr Katz man?

Sacco and Vanzetti mage allegations against the prosecutor of fabricating evidence, and the judge and jury of bias

Is evidence obtained without a court order be presented in court in the case of a formal criminal complaint against the suspect?

Yes.Added: A court order is not necessary to collect and examine all evidence of an offense.