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The diapers are included at almost every hospital in regards to new borns. This though does not mean they are free since they are paid for in the cost of the birth. This means that the diapers are not free, and are in fact paid for.

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will medicare pay for my diapers i am 80 years old and nee to wear diapers all the time?

Sadly, Medicare will not pay for adult diapers unless you are being treated in a facility, such as a hospital.

Does the doctor always to put the adults and children on a diaper if they were in the hospital?

Children and adults don't wear diapers unless they need it. So no.

How can you buy adult diapers without people thinking they are for you?

just mutter stuff like stupid hospital. or my stupid brother wanting to wear adult diapers all of the time when someone looks at you funny.

How many diapers does the average baby use per day?

The number of diapers a baby uses per day is often dependent upon a baby's age and how often they are eating and/ or being changed. When a baby is first brought home from the hospital it is not hard to use a dozen or more diapers per day but thankfully that number decreases as the child grows older.

What should you bring to the hospital for baby?

Im am pregnant and due March 28th and in my diaper bag i have packed 3 plain white onzies, 2 gowns, a cute outfit for the picture, about 3 pairs of socks, 3 newborn diapers, 3 size one diapers, pacifires, hand sanitizer and lotion, and two baby blankets.

Where would i look to find baby diaper coupons?

There's numbers and numbers of places to get Diapers coupons. If you are a new mother you can get some from the hospital you gave birth at. Also in newspaper ads they're quite common. Or At a major name brand of diapers web site Ex: Huggies: http://www.huggies.com/en-US/promotions/coupons

Do certain age groups have to wear diapers in the hospital?

In genral all hospitals have their own policy's regarding diapers. The best pepole to ask would be the hospital you are going to / staying at. I think it iis genrally accepted though that children under five wear diapers in hospitals not just due to incontinence but also because of the anxiety that a hospital stay can casue in a young child. People on the ICU ward offten wear diapers due to TBI and COMA. (forgive me I dont know the technical name of this ward) People on the bone ward with certin kinds of bone fractures offten wear diapers because they have to stay imobile. Many people over 60 in hospital may have to wear diapers due to medical incontinence or simply old age. I think some hospitals make it a policy that people over 60 have to wear diapers and can not walk / around the hospital unassisted or without the aid of a chair. I think thats rediculus. Many men you are in hospital for prostate sugary offten have to wear a diaper affter sugary. And obviously Babies and toddlers though that comes under children under five. In germany Children and Teenagers you are bought in to hospital with alcohol poisning are diaperd regardless of age. Ever wet or craped your self when drunk ? thats because of low cognitive functiion just like someone with either Severe autism, TBI or in a COMA. I reserve the right to mention Autism as I have High Functining Autism aka Aspergers Syndrome. In Japan and China there are so called Exicution Halls wich are basicaly Hospital type buildings that prisoners are taken to be Exicuted. All Prisoners there are diaperd regardless of age before exicution. In rushia, bulgeria and sevral other of the poor countries and a few in america there are so called Mental Hospitals " Asiylums" these are for, not just people with mental health problems, but people who dont confom to societieys standard of normality due to either an abnormal social life, disability, an abnormal sexuality, a criminal history or have simpoly been abandond at birth or by there parents. Over 3/4 of the inmates in these so called Mental Hospitals are in diapers, many are in cribs and have no form of social stimulation. They are changed once a day, fed once a day, washed once a day and then ignored. You walk in to a ward and you see adults the size of 4 year olds, their bodies twisted and corntorted, banging their heads on the bars of their cribs and no one is their to stop them. Of Course in all cases were diapers are used in hospitals it depends on two things, the hospitals policy for diaper usage, and the medical need for diaper usage as requierd by that person.

Is there fiberglass in diapers?

No, there is no fiberglass in diapers.

Why are love's diapers so absorbent?

maybe cause they are diapers and diapers and supposed to be comfy!

What is the best brand of diapers to use?

Get Dyper has mastered diapers! Their bamboo diapers are softer to the touch and smooth to the skin, which is exactly what your baby deserves. These diapers are twice the absorbency as traditional diapers and hypoallergenic & antibacterial cutt.ly/dkr5bNg

What do people prefer more cloth diapers or disposable?

People prefer disposable diapers over cloth diapers. Although cloth diapers are preferred for the environment, disposable diapers are more convenient.

When were diapers created?

Diapers were invented in 1920.

What are the diapers made out of?

There are cloth diapers and disposable diapers which have paper fiber, absorbent chemicals, and plastic.

Can people wear diapers in swimming pool?

Cloth diapers are ok, but disposable diapers in a pool will brake apart and damage the pool filters. That is why children have disposable "Swim diapers". There are even Adult "Swim diapers" now, so if you have that problem, then buy "Swim diapers".

What is the use of velcro cloth diapers?

Velcro cloth diapers are a lot cheaper than other diapers. You can custom fit velcro diapers more easily than snappy diapers, you can't do that with snappy ones.

What are the best diapers in the world?

GetDyper has mastered diapers! Their bamboo diapers are softer to the touch and smooth to the skin, which is exactly what your baby deserves. These diapers are twice the absorbency as traditional diapers and hypoallergenic & antibacterial. cutt.ly/kj6CYcM

Why dont they make adult diapers like baby diapers?

They do make adult diapers. One brand is called Depends. They are for adults with bowel or urinary problems. i think he means the designs on the diapers adult diapers look boring baby diapers do not. I don't thinks so.

Who invented diapers?

Maria Allen invented diapers

Miley Cyrus in diapers?

She wears a depend diapers

How do diapers help?

diapers make you Independent of bathrooms.

When did they invente diapers?

disposable diapers were made in 1946

Do reborn babies need diapers?

No, they do not. People just put diapers on reborns or change their diapers to add more realism to the doll. In actuality, they do not need diapers as they do not soil them.

How absorbent are huggies diapers?

Huggie diapers are very aborbent, especially the overnight diapers. But however, when they are compared to Pampers Premium, pampers have the best absorbency then other brands of diapers.

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