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Dump the boyfriend and the friend. Be a doormat,not!

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โˆ™ 2009-05-26 11:50:33
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Q: I am in love with someone and they say they love me back but then asked out my best mate my best mate said yes and thinks i am a bad friend for not wanting her to be happy am i in the wrong?
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What if your best friend likes you and asked you out and you are secretly dating someone else?

well if you like your best friend then you should go out with him|her... but if you don't your best friend then you should tell him|her, that you are going out with someone already.

What happen when some one blocked you on facebook when you asked her friend request?

i don't think it will let you friend someone that has blocked you

I asked my friend that is a guy that i like and knows i like him i asked him if I'm cute and he never wrote back why would he not respond?

he could be embarrased, just not like you, or thinks it's weird to ask.

What it mean when a guy asked you to be his friend?

It means he likes you and wants to get closer to you or he is just someone who needs a friend. Which can also result in a relationship

What to do if you like someone else and this guy asks you out?

Tell him nicely that your sorry but you like someone else, my friend was asked out by a boy when she liked someone else and she kept them hanging for ages and in the end lost him as a friend completely

What do you do if ou slept with your friend and you realize that you like him but he doesnt like you back?

Seriously!!! i wish you people would think of that stuff before you do it!!! he thinks of you as a friend. maybe you should have asked him if he liked you BEFORE you slept with him.

What to do when your friend knocked someone up and asked you for advice?

Split up. He's probably a d*mba**.

What does it mean when someone is asked a sexuality question andd they just look down and not answer?

It's mean that they are either Gay , or thinks that you question is unreasonable

If the girl you asked out says no then why would she still talk to you after that?

She thinks of you as a friend perhaps and is mature enough not to lose you as a friend. Give it time and perhaps she'll ask you to go out with her. For now, just enjoy being friends.

What is the correct punctuation for the sentence i asked my friend when is your birthday?

It should be--- I asked my friend,"When is your birthday?"

You asked this guy out and before he gave you an answer he started dating your best friend how do you get him back?

You can't! He obviously want's your friend and not you! It's time to look for someone else..

Is it to young to ask someone out at age 13?

No way! I asked a guy out at age 11. Anyone who thinks it's too young is just a prude.

What does it mean when my boyfriend grabs my foot when kissing and pulls it up and sometimes caresses my leg?

A guy does it to my friend and she asked him and he said because he thinks she has sexy feet and legs.

Can you kiss someone who hasn't asked you out on a date but whom you've cuddled with and who is attracted to you?

Well, only if you are totally in LOVE with him/her. BUT if he/her hasn't asked asked you out that is not a great idea (he/she might already have a girl/boy friend already) :) :(

You like this boy that likes your best friend and bought her a gift but he thinks you hate him but you dont you really like him what should you do?

tell him. ^^^i asked question : i cant im too shy...

You like your best friend and you don't know if he likes you but he asked for your number what does that mean?

Like you said he is your best friend. Don't get your hopes up. I also think that maybe you have a chance. Ask another one of his best friends what he thinks about you. Like you said he is your best friend. Don't get your hopes up. I also think that maybe you have a chance. Ask another one of his best friends what he thinks about you.

How do you ask out a seventh grade boy that your in class with?

What you do is get his number ask a couple of your really good friends to call him and ask him what he thinks of you and then just tell your friend to say if she asked you out then what would you say.That's how you see what he thinks about you and if he says he would go out with you then ask him out cause by then you shouldn't be scared.

How do you help your attention seeking Emo friend?

You tell someone the truth about what she does. I asked my friend to please stop and if your friend is anything like mine she won't listen so tell someone. If you keep the secret all bottled up she/he may cut too deep and pop an vein.

This girl is starting a roomer about your friend and you and your other friend wants to stop it what shoud you do?

This has happened to my friend as well. What we did was we told our teacher and she asked the class to raise their hands if they heard the rumor. About half the class raised their hands. She asked my friend if it really happened, and she said no. The other girls who spread the rumor were totally embarrassed! I think you should definitally tell someone.

Why is an arrest called a collar?

I asked a friend, who is a police officer, this very question once. He explained that it is just a way to say that someone was caught--like grabbing someone by the collar.

Why did your friend all of the sudden stop talking to you on msn when your other friend signed in you asked her why she just said sorry she was texting him?

Maybe it was because your friend does not feel like a close friend to you anymore. I would try to text your friend to try to get to the bottom of this all. Maybe they just don't know how to tell you that she does not want to talk to you. Maybe it is due to the other friends not wanting her to talk with you.

If your skater best friend is a guy and he knows you like him but you've asked him out and hasn't anwsered but stares at you and smiles lovingly and makes you laugh all the time does he like you?

He probably thinks you're lame.

How do you tell who your Secret Santa is?

in school you either guess the person who asked you or the person who asked you's friend. And if no one asked you then it's your friend, or some one who knows you well

Why would someone want to date another person for months and never really feel much of anything for that person?

they are trying to get someone jealous or the friend asked them out and they didn't wanna hurt that friend's feelings (basicaly they thought of their bf/gf as a friend still)

Do you have to have reason for not wanting to do something or is not wanting to do something an actual reason?

You always have to have a reason for not wanting to do something. Sometimes after telling someone this they are stubborn because they just want to say "they don't want to" whenever they are asked to do something instead of giving an actual reason. Many arguments arise like this and the person who is asking for the actual reason that the person doesn't want to do whatever they are being asked to do is right and should easily win the argument if the other person decides not to be so stubborn.