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I am insurance agent of aviva life insurance company irda has issued me the license that i had lost now tell me the procedure how i get the license back?


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No. A drivers' license is issued by the DPS and only the DPS - or a court - can suspend someone's license. However, if Texas requires insurance and you don't have it, if an insurance company notifies DPS that you don't have insurance, then DPS could suspend your license.

Normally yes. Insurance companies are concerned that they insure drivers with valid drivers license, the State where it is issued is really not a concern.

You can't insure a driver's license. The ticket would have been issued to whoever was driving at the time the police issued it. If you had no proof of insurance with you - and that is required in most states - then you can be ticket for not having it with you.

You just contact the insurance company that issued the policy.

Contact the claims department of the insurance company that issued the life insurance policy.

I would call that insurance company, there is no database of in force insurance policies that I know of.

Please restate this and I will try to help you with it. As written, I don't understand the question. An SR22 is a guarantee of an issued policy from an insurance company that you have liability insurance. It has certain requirements on the company as to cancellation notices to the state and what kind of notice they have to give the state if the policy is cancelled by the company. Different states have different regulations regarding these policies and what is allowed.

The court will notify your insurance company. After all, you do have to show the officer proof of insurance when you get pulled over. It depends on where your license is from as well - not all states have reciprocity with one another. This goes for moving violations as well.

You need the Life Insurance company name and the State that it was issued in. When you have that information, go to the Insurance Regulator for that state and ask the number of the Insurance Company. Then call them up and ask.

Usually yes because an insurance agency does not issue the insurance, it sells or brokers an insurance contract that is issued by an insurance. However some insurances do not like it when there is a controlling interest in a mortgage company. It all depends.

Generally, yes. An insurance license is issued by the state insurance regulator as evidence that the agent meets the legal requirements to transact insurance. An agent can have a life and health license, a property and casualty license, and various others that the state offers. However, the agent must also be "appointed" by insurers in order to be authorized to submit applications to the insurer(s). The appointment process in effect "deputizes" the agent as a representative of the insurer. All of that said, an insurer may impose restrictions on the agent as to whether or not he/she may also be an agent for a competing company. This is not, however, a question of legality; instead, it is a question of business dealings.

iThe Commercial policies are offered by General Insurance companies, whereas life policies are issued by Life Insurance companies

In most cases the title company that closed your loan is the agent for the title insurance company, and can be contacted regarding insurance issued on your property.AnswerContact the Agency that issued the title insurance at time of closing. If an Owner's Policy was paid for, they should have issued you an actual insurance policy, complete with a Title Jacket and Policy Number. If you never received this and paid for one, request an original or a certified copy of it. The Policy will reference the title UNDERWRITING COMPANY that is insuring the Policy. ie: First American, Stewart, Chicago,etc. That is who the actual COMPANY. The agency only acts in behalf of the Underwriter and is not the actual insurer.

Glenn Hammond Curtiss, the founder of the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company was issued the first US pilot's license in 1911. The Wright brothers received licenses numbered 4 and 5.

Private health insurance is an alternative to government issued health insurance. It can be provided through a union or employer or one can purchase it from a private health insurance company.

No. An insurance policy cannot be issued to pay for an accident that already happened. Why in the world would you think that an insurance company would take on a claim that happened before you purchased the policy.

California Law States that a person who is issued a permit to drive must also possess proof of insurance if they are pulled over for a traffic violation. In other words, as soon as you are "permitted" to drive, you must be able to show proof of insurance. In any state the driver must have insuarance only when the driver obtains a license

The agent needs a life insurance license. He also needs to be registered with FINRA. The insurance license is issued by the state insurance regulator. He will need to take a life insurance class that is typically a one-week class and take an exam. To be registered with FINRA, he will need to either self-study or take a class and take state securities exams and general securities exams.

It is a privilege society entrusts to us when we are issued a drivers license.

Contact the company which issued the policy. A life insurance policy is generally only valid if the premiums are maintained. You'd need to know if your brother kept up the payments.

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