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I am seventeen years old my parents are divorced I have to see my dad everyother weekend what can I do so I no longer have to go to his house?

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2011-09-12 20:53:10
2011-09-12 20:53:10

Talk to a social worker.


Well, you tell both your parents together as to why you do not want to go their anymore. I don't know why you don't want to see your dad, unless he is mistreating you, you only have one father and once he's gone that's it. If there is a problem that can be fixed by them do it, if not say your peace and at your age you shouldn't be forced to go anymore, don't forget the child support thing, too.

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i have my boys everyother weekend but lately i will have them for 2 months at atime they never want to go back home have to fight with them about it is it true that i can say he abanded thrm and i get full cucstody

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If you are a parent asking this question, consult your divorce attorney as different state laws regulate conditions and your attorney can help you to negotiate an appropriate visitation plan within your state's guidelines. If you are a child of divorced parents ask this question, calmly in a quiet moment of your parent whom you see every other weekend and explain to this parent why you'd rather spend summers than every other weekend--CALMLY. Get this parent on your side; then approach the other parent. Unfortunately, sometimes kids of divorced parents have to be more adult than their parents in pointing out even the obvious. Keep your cool, time your moment, and have your reasoning all laid out. Good luck!

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Something to the tune of 'Every Other Weekend' where they portray divorced parents.

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