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I can't find a repair manual Chilton's or any other for my 2004 Kia SEDONA anywhere is there somewhere I can obtain one I also have a hard time finding parts for it Does Kia do this on purpose?


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Believe me the service manual from manufacture is useless. I own a 2003 manual and it doesn't help at all when I try to replace the alternator, the helps from google provided 90% of the information you will needed. maybe it will be helpfull when I need electrical info. I also own a accord manual and it tell me step by step how to repair things, that's the type of manual I expected. and no, they don't, it's a small company that is growing, but Hayes and Chilton's don't consider it worth getting into yet. As popularity continues the information for the aftermarket will become more readily available. til then, use the web site which is the same as what the Kia Technicians use.