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Going through the same thing. From what I've read it's normal. It can take months for you to regain a normal menstrual cycle.

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Q: I had my one and only depo shot 16 weeks ago. Still no period?
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Do you still get your period after you take the Depo-Provera shot?

For a few months....its only a chance that you will stop having your period.

What happens if you get the Depo-Provera shot and not on your period?

If you are not on your period when you get the depo shot nothing will happen but you will have to use condoms for seven days after you get the shot to help prevent pregnancy ....depo provera only works immediately when you are on your period

Can you get pregnant if you're on Depo-Provera and don't get a period?

I hate bleeding for 6 weeks on my first shot but my second one only had light spotting to none, it varies. Periods while on the depo provera, (whether u have them or not) has nothing to do with you being pregnant.

What does it mean if you only took one Depo shot and have not had a period for two months?

I was on the Depo shot for a year and didnt get my period at all.It just one of the many symptoms that come with getting the shot!

Can you still get your period if you are only a few weeks pregnant?

No once you are pregnant you dont have your period because all your extra blood goes to your baby.

Do you have periods twice in one month while on Depo-Provera?

I believe you can have a period twicw a month while on the shot. I believe the shot can upset your periods in many different ways. I have been off the shot for almost 10 yrs. now and still have a period every 2 weeks and my periods used to be like clockwork. I only took the shot for about 1 year. I don't trust the Depo Provera shot and would not do it.

What's it mean if you get off depo and only spotted twice two weeks later?

There is no particular meaning to spotting two weeks after stopping Depo Provera. After stopping Depo, some women will have periods return right away. For others, it can take 18 months. The average is 11 months.

Why would you have periods every two weeks when you have been off Depo-provera shot for about nine months?

i was on the shot for 6yrs. w/no period. after i stopped doing the shot it took about nine months for it to return, only to have the same problem. every two weeks i get a period. not fun! so i am looking for an answer too

Can you only get pegnaunt when you are on your period?

You can get pregnant any time you have unprotected sex. It is less likely when you are on your period, but it is still possible. Pregnancy is most likely 1-2 weeks before your period.

Can a women get pregnant on depo shot and not have a period?

All birth control methods have a failure rate, including Depo. The only way to know is to have a pregnancy test done to determine if you are pregnant.

I have not had a period I have been off of the depo shot for 7 weeks and my nipples are sore do you think i could be pregnant?

Just the nipples being sore are not the only sign of pregnancy. If you have nausea and also camps then there is a better chance of saying that you are pregnant.

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

What if your on your period but not heavy only spotting can you still get pregnant if he ejactulates in you?

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