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I had the same problem. I finally got an error code for the map sensor. The car finally revs at 4000rpm when it use to start to fail at 3200 rpm. The part is about $30 and very easy to replace.


One more thing: If you pull the fuse to help reduce gaseline line pressure before changing the fuel filter: Be sure to put the fuse back in place before trying to start the car once the new filter is installed. I should have mentioned that and it's probably real obvious in hindsight, but if you have the fuse pulled you will NEVER get it to start again no matter how long you crank it! And more safety tips: Don't smoke or let anyone smoke nearby. Gasoline is poisonous so be careful with what you do with any you collect in a bottle or a can while changing the filter.

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I have had trouble like this with a clogged fuel filter. If you are handy and not afraid of gasoline you should be able to change the fuel filter yourself, which would probably be cheaper than taking it to a mechanic for a diagnosis. But read a Haynes or similar manual for the suggested procedure: Fuel injected cars run much higher fuel line pressures than old carburetored cars did. On a car with a carburetor there really isn't much fuel line pressure and changing a filter is pretty easy. On a car with fuel injection there is usually residual fuel pressure in the lines, so if you just start to take the filter off you will end up with a high pressure spray of gasoline all over the place. Not something I'd like to do. In general terms to change the fuel filter on a fuel injected car I'd do the following: 1. read the manual to find out what fuse controls the fuel pump. 2. locate the fuel filter and make sure you're up to trying this. 3. Buy a replacement fuel filter. 4. When at home and with some time for the procedure, start the car up, and then pull the fuse so the fuel pump will stop operating. Let the car run until it dies by will have just released the pressure (or most of it anyway) from the fuel lines. Go inside and watch some TV or read a book and let the car and engine cool down. Then go out and remove the old fuel filter. You may still get some spray from the line, so have some clean rags ready just in case. Also maybe a small jar or can to catch any gas that dribbles out of the lines while you put the new filter in. Once done figure you may have to do a bunch of starter cranking for the pressure to build up and gas to flow through the injectors again. If the car doesn't start in 30 seconds of cranking stop trying for a minute or two, then try another 30 seconds on the starter. You don't want to overheat and burn out your starter. Once the car starts up take a close look to make sure you don't have leaks around the new filter.

If you still have performance problems, there is ANOTHER thing that might be the cause: A weak electrical system can cause high rev lower revs the spark plug wires carry the current and work fine. At higher revs you can get cross fire or "leakage" from old spark plug wires. Sometimes if it's really dark out you can open the hood and have someone rev the engine and you'll actually see sparks as current leaks out and jumps from the wires to either other wires or the engine...My son has a 1998 S10 Chevy Pickup that had poor acceleration at speed, and very poor power. He had owned it a few years and it was always like that. Finally he asked me for advice and since it had 100,000 miles and neither of us knew when if at all the plugs and wires had been changed, I suggested he start with that. He spent about $60 for new spark plugs and spark plug wires, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Accelerates up to highway speed and maintains 70 - 75 MPH no problem now. It still isn't a race car, but MUCH peppier than it had been.

I know I'm long winded...but if you aren't afraid to do some work and experimentation on your own you may be able to solve your problems without a mechanic. Worse comes to worse, if your car has high mileage changing the fuel filter, spark plugs, and spark plug wires are routine maintenance items anyway...even if it doesn't fix your specific problem they may help the matter a bit, and those are a few less things for the mechanic who diagnoses the trouble has to worry about (but he'll probably recheck them anyway.) Final advice: If you mopped up gas with rags DO NOT TAKE THEM IN YOUR HOME OR GARAGE! (And don't change the filter in your garage..gas fumes can ignite from the pilot light of your water heater.) Spread any gasoline rags out flat to air dry OUTSIDE away from kids and pets...and on your garbage pickup day put them in the garbage can last thing as you wheel it out to the curb.

Good luck! Paul

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Q: I have a 2000 Saturn SL2 that is Losing Power at high end when you accellerate and it takes a long time to get up to speed Does this sound like a fuel filter or fuel pump?
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Losing power in mazada MPV van rpm?

Try Changing your fuel filter.

Your corsa is losing power while driving?

A dirty fuel filter is one possibility.

You have replaced your starter alternator battery and battery cables on your Saturn why is it still losing power?

Voltage Regulator?

I have a 1999 Saturn SL2 and at about 2000 rpm it stutters and loses power mainly if I'm in 5th and driving in that spot what could be the cause?

It COULD be the fuel filter or the fuel pump. If you haven't replaced the fuel filter, try that. A fuel pressure gauge will tell you if you are losing fuel pressure.

Why is your car making a loud whining sound when you accellerate?

You may have a power steering problem.

What happens when a fuel filter goes out?

When a fuel filter goes out, a vehicle will typically begin to bog out. It will begin losing power and RPM's will not come as quickly.

2-stroke losing power what should you look at?

Fuel filter, air filter and carbon build up at or near exhaust port.

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Check air filter first and then change fuel filter. Fill the fuel filter with diesel before you change it ...

What all can cause engine power loss in a 1995 Saturn?

A plugged fuel filter, A plugged catalytic converter,

Where is a oil filter located in a Saturn 2000?

Looking at the motor, it is directly in front. It looks like a power steering pump reservoir canister but is the oil cartridge filter housing.

99 fordwindstar losing power?

Is it losing power as you accelerate, or does it do it at idol.

Why is 1997 ford crown vic losing power?

Bad fuel pump? Plugged fuel, air filter? Plugged catalytic converter?

You have a 93 STS Northstar that's losing power on you when it hits around 60 kmh What could the problem be?

One possibility is a clogged fuel filter

Why would a car accelerate slowly and then keep losing power?

Check the fuel filter first. There are many possibilities, but that's a good place to start.

Why is your car losing power while you are driving?

Check for good fuel flow. Clogged filter can cause this. A bad fuel pump could cause this.

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Kia Sportage losing power?

i would be suspicious of fuel filter, also the timing belt can cause this with extensive wear. The air filter is clogged can make it act like no power also. Remember this " do your regular maintenance on schedule and on time and most of the wierd problems will dissapear. "

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Im losing engine power in my 2003 CTS?

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Your engine could be losing power and your check engine light coming on for many reasons. It could be your spark plugs needing to be changed. Your fuel pump or fuel filter could be clogged or starting to wear out, or your engine oil is to low.

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How do you change the power steering filter on a 2000 Taurus?

There is no power steering filter

Your truck is losing power when you let of the gas so bad it almost always dies?

Check your fuel filter. It may be too dirty to let fuel flow freely.

Where is the power steering filter on the 1987 Lincoln town car?

It does not have a power steering filter.

Why is 1988 Chevy van 305 not getting enough power to go up the hill into carport?

My 91 was losing power like that, I did a tune up, think it was probably the fuel filter, but did the distributer and plugs as well, took care of it!

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