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I have a 2004 explorer what is the procedure for changing the tailight assembly?

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2011-09-12 22:28:43

On my 99 you open the taigate and remove the two retaining

screws at the top of the tail light assemby. Then pull the assmebly

free. There are 2-4 friction fasteners that will pull free. Then

turn each of the bulb sockets to remove them from the back. They

are held in place by plastic ears that fit into the housing. Pretty

easy really. On the 99 the two screws are at the top and are easily

visible, and are Phillips head screws. Other years may be along the

top or inner side. I looked in my new/used 2004 manual and it shows

how to do it. The screws on a 2004 are along the inside edge

accessible when you open the tailgate.

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