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The real answer is YES. The German transaxle will be a bolt in affair as long as both trannies are 5 speeds. If the Canook one is a 4 spd, then you would need the shift mechanism from the Cabby. It is still a bolt in affair.

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Who picked Hitler as ruler?

The German people did.

What is ausgewahlte in German?

selected chosen picked

Why did the design get picked for the Canadian flag?

well they love that color

What are four things that can be picked up by a magnet?

Things that have iron or nickel in them will be picked up. A nail, a needle, a Canadian nickel, and iron filings will all be picked up by a magnet.

How are German judges picked?

Appointed, not elected by the people as in the USA.

How do you say 'I picked' in German?

Ich nahm

How do you say My Grandfather spoke German and I picked up a little of the language in German?

"Mein Großvater sprach Deutsch und ich habe etwas davon aufgeschnappt."

How much is the lowrey teenie genie organ worth?

I just picked mine up yesterday for $35 Canadian off Craigslist

Which is correct have picked or has picked?

It depends who's doing the picking. I have picked, you have picked, they have picked, we have picked; but he / she / someone (named) / something has picked.

Are Muslim Terrorists using Kuckville NY as a safe entry point into the USA from Canada?

Yes, but they get picked up by Canadian cyclists on route to Peterborough.

What language did Rene Magritte speak?

French in the beginning, though he could have picked up Dutch and German later because they were prevalent in his country.

What is the NAME of this cartoon character.The German pilot with his Pickelhaube-picked helmet?

Borris. His wife/gf was Natasha. They were from the Rocky and Bullwinkle show.

What were the reasons behind the beaches picked for the Normandy landings?

They were mainly picked as being suitable for beach landings and being nowhere near where the Germans expected invasion.n This deception alone caused at least 3 German Divisions to be placed in the wrong area.

What is the value of a German pistol with the marks of FL Selbstlader and the letters DRGM and numbers 625263-683251 on it?

I just picked one up for $200.00

How long did they search for survivors and bodies of people from the titanic after it sunk?

Two lifeboats went back to find survivers and looked for them until the were picked up by the carpathia. The carpathis did not look for survivors in the water because anybody in the water was already dead and the only picked up the lifeboats. Three Canadian ships picked up 333 dead bodies. a passing ship picked up 5 dwad bodies and 3 were found in a collapable lfeboat. The Carpathia also beried 5 people they picked up when getting people out of the lifeboats.

What was hitlers involvement in the Holocaust?

Hitler was the driving force behind the Holocaust. He picked the Jews as a common enemy for the German people, confiscated their property and had them imprisoned and killed.

How were slaves picked?

they where picked by Americans or European buyers they would be picked by hand some where separated from their family some weren't ever picked.

Are peaches picked?

Yes, they are picked and then eaten.

How did German sheperd's began?

They come from Germany (Hence 'German' shepherd) A man named Captain Max was lokign for a superb dog to guard and herd his sheep. He bought a fine specimin of dog and bred him, picked the biggest and strongest from the litter, and bred the puppy, contuinuing this until the strong fast German shepherd was born

How were pirate captains picked?

the pirates picked their captain

What is the meaning of picked a quarrel?

Similar to "picked a fight," picked a quarrel means to intentionally start a fight with someone.

What would happen if a bulldog and German shepherd crosses?

You would produce crossbreds, Half German Shepherd and Half Bulldog. Mind you the pups may not be the best looking, having picked up both traits and appearance from two totally different 'built' breeds.

What Do the Colors of the Canadian Flag Stand for?

The colours don't really stand for anything. They are the official colours of Canada. The colours have a long history of use by both the French and the English so they were picked to represent Canada.

How do you spell picked?

That is the correct spelling of "picked" (chosen, or pulled at).

Who gets picked on bullying?

If you mean who gets picked on by a bully, then me. ='(

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