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Each firearm will exhibit a preference for a certain load and or maker. The only way to know is to shoot as many as you can afford to find out.

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Q: I have a Mossberg 500 with a rifled barrel and you were wondering what sabot slug should you use?
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Where can you buy a rifled barrel for a Western Field M550ad?

This should be a Mossberg 500 in a Montgomery Wards suit. Check any dealer for the availability of a slug barrel.

Will sabot slugs shoot through a smooth bore barrel?

Yes, but expect poor accuracy. Rule of thumb- EITHER the projectile OR the bore should be rifled. Rifled slugs do poorly in a rifled barrel, sabots do poorly in a smoothbore.

What slugs do you shoot out of rifled barrell?

a slug is normally use in a shot gun and they are not rifled a gun with a rifled barrel should shoot a Shell that is the same caliber as the gun.

Can a 20 gauge slug be fired accurately from a non-rifled barrel?

A rifled slug can be fired from a smoothbore barrel with relative accuracy to about 100 yards. By relative accuracy, I mean that shots can be held in a 5 inch circle. That is about the size of the target zone on a deer. For a rifled barrel, rifled slugs should NOT be used, but sabot slugs can be.

What kind of barrel or choke should you use for rifled slugs?

Modified frequently gives the best accuracy, but you can use any standard choke. No Extra Full chokes. Rifled slugs use a smoothbore- Sabot slugs a rifled barrel.

What 12 gage shotgun would you recommend for an adult male who wants to try deer and bird hunting and what should you expect to pay for a new or used one?

Mossberg 500A "combo" with 28" accuchoke vent rib barrel and 20"rifled slug barrel. About $300 U.S.

Can you shoot a rifled slug through a rifled barrel?

Rifled Slugs are meant for smooth bore barrels mainly. The rifled slug is made of lead and so if you shoot it through a rifled barrel the lead touching the rifling will cause some of the lead to peal off and can build up over a very short period of time. Also the facft that you are shooting a rifled slug through a rifled barrel would cause the bullet to become extremely unstable and inaccurate. Rifle barrel sare meant for sabot slugs (slugs with a plastic wad surrounding the outside). You should eb good though to shoot a rifled slug out of your barrel with a mod choke tube, but smooth bore deer barrels are ideal.M.I.

Do they make a rifled slug barrel for a Winchester model 1400?

Not anymore but I hear you can take a 1300 barrel and have gas ports added and that should work.

Mossberg 500 410 slug barrel?

Mossberg makes an 18.5" personal defense/home defense/slug barrel for the 500 .410. The cost is approx $75 delivered via fedex. You should contact Mossberg directly to place the order. It's cheaper than Brownell's, Midway USA, Bass Pro Shops, etc. They get them from Mossberg to sell to you at a higher price.A NOTE OF CAUTION: Mossberg does NOT, repeat NOT recommend using slugs through the standard full-choke barrel. Using slugs in this barrel could bulge or burst the barrel.

Can you shoot a fully rifled slug through a modified barrel?

no slugs should on be shot thru a improved cylinder shotgun. if you shoot thru any other choke it can cause the barrel to split

What type of slug should be shot through a rifled barrel?

The one that gives the best accuracy. You will have to fire as many different types as you can afford to find out.

Can you shoot regular shotgun shells from a Winchester model 1300 rifled slug barrel?

Yes, I don't think you should have a problem, but your pattern may not be consistent.

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